Hospitals suck.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jorod74, Sep 28, 2011.

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    hospitals suck.
    i have been through a lot recently and the more i deal with hospitals as a patient, the less i like them.
    like, i have a small collection of admittance armbands from all the recent trips and surgeries.
    well i went in Tuesday for another operation, but the hospital said that they would refuse to admit me if i did not remove these bands. said it was their policy. i asked for the policy, and the lady at the desk said she didn't have time for me to read policy.
    that's when i told her i could keep them on. i walked out, strolled down to the ER, asked a nurse for 4 pieces of tape, and went back. i taped over the arm bands.
    she refused until i got help from a nurse doing paperwork.
    (after i checked in, and the entire 2 days in the hospital, no one, not one person ever looked at that armband.)

    i went in for outpatient surgery. but after i woke up, they told me i was staying overnight for observation despite nothing being wrong with me. the things i had at home that i needed, i could not get from the hospital; they said they had to get approval from the surgeon for me to use the stuff.
    he has no idea what i do at home, he's not my primary doctor.
    like i have to take a certain drug before i can eat so that it absorbs phosphorous. well, because they would not give any to me , i missed two meals. and that was after not eating the day before surgery.
    it was like every thing i asked for needed a committee's approval and a waiting period.
    same for when i was discharged. The doc cleared me at 9 a.m. today; the nurse did not remove my I-V and discharge me until after 2 p.m.

    because of them, i did not get home until after 6 p.m. because the person bringing me home -my sister- had to bail on me until she took care of other things.

    it's like hospitals don't really have any motivation to treat people above the ranks of cattle.
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    It really depends on the hospital.

    In general, for most of us hospitals are not enjoyable places. It means someone us or someone we care about it is sick, injured or recovering. That's why I don't like them.. I've never gone to the hospital for a good thing.

    Our local hospitals are absolutely fantastic with great staff. You just have to consider that nurses and doctors in hospitals have a lot of people to deal with, they have to get people in and out to bring in more people who need medical attention. But maybe you just didn't luck out too much with your local hospitals..
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    Work at one for your job and you would be singing a different tune. Lots of things can happen during outpatient surgery that can warrant an overnight stay. Things like a drop or elevation in blood pressure. Someone requiring more than normal amounts of anesthetic to stay under can warrant a stay. As for your meds, if tue doctor didn't order them, nurses can not give them. It would be grounds for termination. I wil agree, they should have gotten your meds ordered. Did you provide them with a list of what you took; doses and times? If not, then they wouldn't know what you took.

    Believe me, working at a hospital can be a trial of red tape.