Horatio's Sales: Japanese and US TFs, Kamen Rider, Sentai, Pokemon, and more!

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    Alright, some of this stuff I'm a little unsure on pricing, so I am always willing to hear offers. I'm also always willing to hear offers from anybody buying multiple items.

    For starters, rules:
    Paypal Only (Sorry, I keep giving people chances on snail-mail payments and every single time I'm reminded why I don't normally accept them.)
    Shipping will be within one week of received payment
    Shipping not included unless otherwise noted
    Everything is in new/good condition unless otherwise noted

    I *may* be interested in trades, here is a brief wants list:
    Mewtwo items (try me, I may be interested)
    Kamen Rider Den-O Imagin Figuarts (all but Urataros)
    Cure Marine and Cure Blossom Figuarts
    Skalor (any Skalor, I'm army building this sucker)
    Lio Convoy
    Black Lio Convoy (Try me on any Beastwars II and Neo, I'm just getting started on these guys)
    Blackarachnia (any except Beast Machines)
    World's Smallest TFs (any)
    A good bet: any pink, female, or animal transformer.
    Pokemon things can always be worth trying, but I have discerning taste.
    Things relating to Coelacanths
    Transformers Plushes
    PE Ninja

    Bits and bobs: Skalor Fins, God Neptune or Piranacon right hand.

    So here are the goods!

    I'm seeking interest in some Japanese Magazine Promo Transformers items, specifically a clear DOTM Bumblebee Scout, and a Bumblebee McDonalds mascot strap, Scout comes with stickers unattached and mascot comes with open McDonalds pouch (it was available as a magazine promo, but still in a plastic McDonalds happy meal pouch). I don't know what to ask, so make me an offer.

    The other item I'm seeking offers on is an original vintage Midouranger (the Green Ranger from Goranger, the first Sentai series). I won't consider anything under $30, but I don't really know what he's worth either.

    MISB Solar Storm Grappel (not pictured): $25 OBO

    DOTM Decepticon Hatchet (complete, no package): $7

    God Neptune individuals: $18 each OBO (I've never seen these for sale individually, so make me an offer. All are in good condition, there is a little bit of yellowing on Halfshell's shell.)

    Kamen Rider Deformeister Petites: $10 each (Available: OOO, Garren Regular [with board], Garren Secret Rare [W/o board, alternate quote])

    Misc Kamen Rider Candy Toys: Zeronos $4, 555 Robot $3, Kamen Rider Birth Figure $5

    Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Candy Toy Keys: $6 each for MISB keys, $5 each for opened keys.

    Kamen Rider OOO Kids: $3 each, $10 for all

    Kamen Rider Kibitz (Bad dude and Niigo): $5 each, $8 for both

    Capcom girls figures (mine are pictured, yours are MISP): Tron alt colours w/o Kobun: $6, Lilith reg colours: $4, Morrigan reg colours: $4, Ingrid reg colours x3: $3.

    Not pictured:
    Power Rangers Samurai Megazord mint with opened box, displayed only: $20

    PSP Games: Harvey Birdman $5, Little Big Planet $9, Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis UMD $4

    DS Games: My Weight Loss Coach $5, Rhythm Heaven $6, Geometry Wars Galaxies $4, Pokemon Dash $10, Harvest DS Islands of Happiness $13, Pokemon Ranger $13, Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood $6

    Sony 8gb Walkman MP3 Player Pink $18

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