Hollywood Rides Transformers Die Cast Cars Found In Romania

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    I do like the Hollywood Rides toyline which features the most famous cars in cinema history (from Batman to Fast and Furious), but never thought they'd get to Transformers as well!
    Today at a Romanian geek store named Cărturești I found some Hollywood Rides Transformers cars from the Bayverse, mostly from The Last Knight.

    The prices are:
    -"Deluxe Class" TLK Western Star Optimus Prime: 50 lei ($11.40)
    -"Legends Class" TLK Western Star Optimus, Camaro 2017 Bumblebee, Ford Saleem 2017 Barricade: 35 lei ($7.98)
    -There's also a 3 pack featuring TLK Optimus and Bumblebee and TF1 Bumblebee but on a much smaller scale, that's also at the same price as the "Legends" class
    -And I'll add the fact that I also spotted 2 "Ultimate Class" Bumblebee cars from TLK and Bumblebee movie from Hollywood Rides, the TLK one features a "medallion" while the Bumblebee movie one has a Charlie figure too, both are at the price of 200 lei ($45.60)

    I'm not a Bayverse fan at all, but I've got a Barricade for myself, after all it seems to be a rare thing.

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