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    I'm working on getting all of my videos together and up on their own site, so in my spare time today I spent a few hours and put this together. I thought it was somewhat cool, so I thought I'd toss it up for download.

    It's samples of all of my videos (even non TF) arranged chronologically. There's 20 of them in all (can you name all 20? Because I probably can't) that have seen a public release here at TFW (with the exception of one, but we won't get into that). For those of you who've seen even my old vids, this won't be anything new, but for others, it could be worth the download.

    Enjoy! None of this is really original, as I just used my old projects, but as usual, comments and crits are more than welcome.

    Jux's Music Video Montage
    Right Click--> Save As (16 MB, 9:36, .wmv format)