By Generation: Hip/Stomach Fix/Mod for DotM Voyager Ironhide

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by ThinkTank Customs, Feb 26, 2011.

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    Two days ago, I got my DotM Ironhide. I was so exited about him since I saw the first [photos] that I said to myself, "This will be the Best Movie Ironhide yet!"

    . . . . but I was wrong!

    The figure himself is amazing, but his hip/stomach has a very annoying issue: it pops out permanently! I was so angry that I fired a junker movie Blackout against a wall! So much frustration! Posing without popping out his stomach part: impossible!

    So I decided to use my Dremel and ten (10) minutes of work (you'll need less than five minutes!) to make his:


    . . . . into this:


    There are [mostly] only four (4) steps to do:

    1. Cut the black chest piece right behind this piece:


    If necessary, drill this hole:


    (Be patient! if you cut too much, it will get weak and could be broken!)

    2. Right under the hood there are two (2) small gray hinges which can be moved. They are very tough [to deal with], but its okay! When you look in front of Ironhide, start with the left one. Push the gray hinge to the right and carve it out (No need to do this on the Right hinge; it's perfect there!):


    3. When you're done, push the gray hinges to the inner side of the hood:



    4. Put all together and now the final part: Push the Stomach-Pin into his Chest!


    This is it! You're done! No more "Pop-Out" anymore! Transformation and alt mode are untouched! Transformation is only extended with this!

    It's an really awesome toy! In my opinion, he jumped from an E to a B! I Love it!

    I think it's amazing and so easy! Hope Hasbro did this with the final version, so the kids could play with this awesome guy!

    Now, I've to clean up the cutparts!

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