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    I didn't see a thread for these beauties so I decided to start one up.

    These are very limited, each case only has 6 of them and only 344 cases were produced as can be seen on the side of the cases.

    So they are limited to 6 x 344 = 2,064

    Since most people are familiar with these molds I don't think it is necessary to go in depth.

    The only difference is the obvious.
    Plastic is clear this time around!

    Very delighted with the chrome and paint jobs done by Takara.

    Feel free to ask for pictures from any angle you wish.
    Feel free to ask any questions.

    If you are interested in attaining the Prime by itself or the entire set I do have them for sale.


    Enjoy! Shoot the questions and requests!

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    Where is the feedback/review? This is more like you selling your stuff.


    Ooops. I just notice the OP's status.
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    got my set, flawless, and super fast too :) 
    your aweseom!!
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    Hot Rod is beautiful. The plastic feels relatively strong for being clear, and the joints are super tight.

    This has been my first experience with this Prime mold, and it's the pits. I've always heard how terrible he was, and it's all true. He doesn't look TOO bad just standing there, but in hand he's one of the floppiest figure I've ever handled.
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    I give this set a C+.

    Rodimus: First, I'll stray from most of the public sentiment out there and admit that I'm disappointed in Rodimus. It has a few paint aps, but is mostly just unpainted plastic with no detail. The hood deco also looks very plain to me (I prefer the deco on the Classics 1.0 version) and the face/head has no presence or personality. I'm not sure why, but I look at the regular classic Rodimus' face and see Rodimus. I look at this one and see lifeless plastic.

    The chromed spoiler is a big plus (and makes the alt. mode look really sharp), but its not enough to save this one in my book. After how wonderful the clear henkei Starscream turned out, I just can't get myself to fall in love with this one (particularly with how much the set costs, and how little you get with Optimus ---- more below).

    Optimus: Sons of Cybertron Optimus is not just the victim of being a terrible mold. He was also very poorly produced. I won't go into detail on all the common complaints here (floppy chest (lol), terrible alt. mode, etc.), but they just didn't seem to put any effort whatsoever into even making him look nice. He has WAY too many non-transparent parts (i.e. grill/waist, hips, shoulders). You could miss the fact that he's supposed to be a "crystal" figure if you just looked at him quickly. If they HAD to use regular plastic for the grill, you'd think that sprucing it up with a little silver chrome would be an easy fix. Unfortunately, they didn't bother. To me, these issues just compound the fact that the actual toy/mold already sucks.

    Conclusion: I don't hate the set, and Rodimus looks pretty sweet in his alt mode, but if I had it to do over again, I'd pass.
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    Got my set from tfsource this morning and thought I'd do a quick review on them.

    HotRod: While he looks awesome in both modes I'm afraid he'll brake to easily. His joints can be stiff at times and his head is to tight for me to want to turn it in fear that it will snap off. Also every piece of this toy is clear plastic, even the black parts, there's no solid plastic on this figure which adds to the brittleness.

    Optimus: Out of the two I think Optimus is better. I know he isn't as clear as he could have been (The waist and grill are semi-transparent like wingblade primes thighs) but at least he doesn't feel like he's going to crumble in my hands. I can actually play around and transform him without worrying.

    Also as toys I think Optimus is better than Hotrod and people come down on him to hard. The only thing Hotrod has over Prime is the altmode but the Primes robot mode is far better which is where it counts for me.

    Overall the animated set is better.

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    I just got the set and agree that Rodimus is the big draw in the set ; with his vehicle mode being especially attractive looking.

    He has a good degree of color on him despite being made from clear plastic but perhaps he didn't need the orange border around the flames on his chest.

    He does have some black plastic on him, on the back interior, the wheels the com unit/ cutter ring, his hands and feet.

    As for missing paint he might benifit from a tab of smoke paint on the head so there's no gap in the windshield in vehicle mode.

    His gun still sucks a bit though ; I need to check to see if the pre-Targetmaster version can lend his weapons to this one.

    The main reason I wanted this toy is I already own a Clear Red G1 Hot Rodimus (reissue) and this just seemed right to get too.

    As well as the chance that there might be a clear Protector Armor get made.

    Overall positive feelings - but he does seem fragile so one to take a lot of care with when Transforming especially the knee hatches.


    Optimus I'm not 100% sure yet if he's a preview of the paint template applied to the Transformers United Dlx Optimus or if he's copied from the Back Box Special Edition Optimus from some months ago. but his paint design is different from the original Hasbro version as he's got no paint on the side of his legs and no paint on his knees and upper shins.

    Looking at the way the mold breaks up I have to wonder if they could have chromed some of his parts if they were not going to make them in clear plastic.

    But he's soild stand pretty well over all and he looks quite badass sporting two guns.

    I'll probably paint his chest window surrounds silver and paint the back of his chest light silver too and maybe oneday find him an Autobot logo for the left shoulder.

    Unlike a lot of People I've always really liked this mold and was actually playing with the original version before I even decided to get this clear one.

    I like that he's a similar size to characters like WFC Megatron & Darkmount.
    As for being clear again the reason I like this one is I did buy a Clear Micron Legend Convoy and this is sort of similar in some ways.

    I would have liked a Clear (fake) G1 Convoy/Optimus Prime but by the time I decided to get one they'd all vanished. Also with the help of a bit of lego technik he can also haul the clear Trailer designed for the E-hobby Clear Convoy which he also seems to got well with.

    I like to look at his as Spark Attack Optimus or Matrix Power Optimus so he can Light some Darkest Hours with a borrowed Matrix toy.

    For some neato Badassery you can lend him the sword from RID Scourge or G2 Laser Prime. or even the tail weapon from Energon Cruellock/Doomlock.
    If you want to store his weapon the handles fit nicely over his spinning body action feature trigger.

    So I guess I wanted these as I have a general fondness for Black repaints and clear repaints.

    I'm sure many people would find Rodimus more appealing and I guess relevence depends on what you think about clear toys.

    I however like them both.
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    Jul 12, 2005
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    Prelude: Ah, Hot Rod (aka Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Major, Rodimus Convoy, Rodimus Prime or just Rodimus), what can we say about him? He who saved Autobot City in the 1986 movie by discovering the Decepticons on the approaching shuttle. He who tried (unsuccessfully) to save a monologueing Optimus Prime from being gunned down by Megatron. He who claimed the Matrix of Leadership (by being a better catcher than Ultra Magnus) and destroyed Unicron (by virtue of his fingers fitting into the handles). Also, one of the best and most-often reused figures from the Classics line. I already reviewed this mold multiple times, the first time 13 years ago, but it’s been a while. So here we go, Rodimus Convoy (aka Hot Rod) from “Welcome to Transformers 2010” (which was 9 years ago and makes me feel old).

    Robot Mode: Rodimus Convoy here is mostly identical to Classics Rodimus, but built from translucent plastic. Pretty much everything except the black parts (hands, feet, wheels, etc.) is translucent. The rear spoiler is chromed gold instead of orange and it’s got an Autobot symbol already on the chest/hood, no extra sticker needed. Apart from that he is the same excellent figure that Classics Rodimus was. It’s got the Hot Rod look down pat, comes with a miniature saw blade in his right arm (a nod to the 1986 movie), and carries a missile launcher with a flame missile for a weapon that can double as a rocket pack.

    The proportions of this figure are a tiny little bit off, I’d say, as the head is very small compared to the rest. Then again, G1 Hot Rod had a very big head compared to the rest, so maybe that is just compensation. From today’s standpoint the articulation of the figure could be better, of course, but for a 2006 design it was fabulous. No complaints. Still very much liking this figure and yes, it can wear the Fansproject Protector Armor, too (see pictures). There is even a special “Crystal Version” made specifically for this figure.

    So bottom line: still an excellent robot. Personally I’m not much of a fan of translucent plastic in Transformers, but that’s just subjective.

    Alternate Mode: Rodimus Convoy naturally transforms into the same kind of stylish, sleek sports car that Classic Rodimus did. The Hot Rod car design is actually one of my favorites and this version of it here looks very cool. Rodimus’ missile launcher serves as an exhaust here and you can insert the flame missile to simulate an afterburner. It’s also possible to flip the spoiler and weapon forward, thus arming the car. Not much more I can write here that the pictures don’t tell better. An excellent, extremely cool-looking car mode. No complaints.

    Remarks: In Japan the third season of the original Transformers cartoon was set in the year 2010 instead of 2006. So when the actual year 2010 rolled around, a cross-series promotion called “Welcome to Transformers 2010” was announced, giving us several repaints and homages to the characters appearing in the 1986 movie and the third season. This included the “Sons of Cybertron” pack, which contained this excellent figure here, as well as the far less impressive Convoy, based on the disappointing Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime mold.

    Bottom line here: everyone who isn’t utterly opposed to the Hot Rod / Rodimus character should own at least one version of this excellent mold. I gave Classics Rodimus an A-rating back in the day and Rodimus Convoy here would have gotten the same if not for being available solely in a two-pack with a pretty bad second figure. So if you can get him loose (or the two-pack for a very good price), go for it. But there are more versions of him out there you can get without the excess baggage.

    Rating: A-

    Source: Transformers-Universe.com