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    Hi there people of TFW2005. I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, if so I'm sorry.

    I've been trying to put together a Transformers fan-film series for the last couple of days, but I'm having a rough time coming up with a general plot for the first film in the series, titled "The Transformers: Robots in Disquise".

    Here is a rough mockup of a scene I want to be in the movie, if you're wondering what the general feel of the movie is.

    In this scene, the Autobots have just crashed on Earth and picked their alt. modes. Now the hunt for the Decepticons begins

    *Autobots find a military camp in the midwest

    Sideswipe: What is that?
    Ironhide: Looks like a military base of somekind. Do you think it's 'Con handiwork?
    Jazz: Well there's only one way to find out. Hey Prowl, get over here!
    Prowl: What is it Jazz?
    Jazz: I need you to use those "shades" of yours to give me some info on that base over there.
    Prowl:These "shades" are a delicate peice of equipment, Jazz
    Ironhide: Just use them to see if the base is a Decepticon camp or not!
    *Prowl flips down his multivision visor and cracks his knuckles
    Prowl: Let's see what we can see
    Prowl: Hmmm.It has rudimentary architectural structure, and the materials don't match any known cybertronian elements
    Sideswipe: There probably weren't any salvageable materials from their wreck to use as building materials. Using makeshift materials native to this planet no doubt
    Prowl: Maybe.....
    *Switches from chemical to electrical mode
    Prowl: There seems to be a system of electrical currents powering the base
    Ironhide: What else?
    Prowl: Hang on Ironhide, just give me a second!
    *Switches to radiation mode
    Prowl: No traces of radiation
    *Switches to energon mode
    Prowl: And not an energon signature to be found
    Jazz: Well, the base had to come from somewhere
    Bumblebee: Does this mean that there are sentient lifeforms on this planet other than us?
    Optimus: Perhaps. Is there any more intelligence you can obtain for us Prowl?
    Prowl: Maybe.. I have one more thing I can try
    *Switches to heat mode
    Prowl: Bingo! We have heat signatures!
    Ratchet: What can you tell about them? Do you think they're dangerous?
    Prowl: Well they stand on two legs and have two arms and a head like us. Probably organic. And I wouldn't be too worried about them being dangerous, they're tiny.
    Ratchet: How tiny?
    Prowl: About 2 mechanometers tall. More or less
    Ironhide: Aww. That's adorable
    Bumblebee: Wow. What else can you tell us about them Prowl?
    Prowl: That's all I got Bee. If you want more info, you're gonna need to go down there and talk to them yourself. If they even CAN talk
    Jazz: Actually, that's not a bad idea
    Sideswipe: You can't be serious
    Jazz: Think about it. If these creatures are intelligent, maybe they can give use some intel on where the Decepticons are. What do you think Prime-O?
    Optimus: I think you may be on to something, Jazz. These beings may be valuable allies in our war against Megatron's forces.
    Ratchet: I could use some practice in interacting with organic creatures.
    Ironhide: What if they attack us, Prime?
    Optimus: Then we retreat, and continue the hunt for the Decepticons on our own. We overpower these creatures both technologically and physically; An unfair fight is all but certain
    Ironhide: Fine
    Optimus: Then it's settled. Autobots, roll out!

    For those of you who are going to post plot ideas on this thread, I'd like to try to stay away from "mystical transformers artifact/McGuffin" plots, ok?

    Thanks in advance,