help my son- SELLING PRIME, GENERATIONS, and more!

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    Jan 3, 2014
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    hi, I'm looking to sell the following items asap. my almost 5 year old son needs surgery, and to help cover the medical costs, I'm selling most of my high cost items. I'm selling the following...

    MIB SDCC Bruticus - 150
    MISB Prime FE Voyager Optimus - 50
    MISB Takara Prime FE Cliffjumper - 30
    MISB Takara Animated Voyager Shockwave - 50
    LOOSE Animated Leader Ultra Magnus - 40
    MISB Animated Arcee - 30
    MIB Galaxy Force Sonic Bomber - 40

    i might update later with more

    all prices are negotiable. will accept pay pal and money orders