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    Recently the love of my life and I split up, and I'm trying to buy her a ring for Valentine's Day to kinda try and get things back to normal.. I've lost all interest in Transformers. I have a lot of about 30-40 Transformers, a handful of mini-cons, burger king toys, 3 or 4 posters, and a few comic books I am trying to sell and make up some money before Valentine's Day. Just a few of the figures I have are:

    -G1 Grimlock
    -G1 Soundwave
    -G1 Slag
    -2 2008 Bumblebees, One in package
    -Movie Arcee, Blackout, Optimus Prime (not the big one), Dreadwing, Jazz, and a few others.
    -Titanium Soundwave
    -G2 Hooligan

    The posters are a big movie poster with the earth and the eye looking over it, a regular sized autobot poster, an autobot / decepticon movie poster you put side by side, and a small decepticon symbol poster.

    I'm trying to sell everything together. PM me a reasonable offer. Thank You so much.




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