Help me arm Universe Hot Shot

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by ExVeeBrawn, May 6, 2009.

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    This is mainly to do with the Star Saber, but could expand from there.

    The Mega SCF Not-Super Armada Prime came with an "anime" style Star Saber accessory. From a quick search that figure seems not to be very common like most of the others. So what I'm asking to start with is for anyone who does have that figure, how thick is the handle on that Star Saber, and assuming Universe Hot Shot could hold it, is the overall size so different that it'd look ridiculous? While we're at it, same question for MSCF Hot Shot's engine gun. I'm trying to find out whether it'd be worth going after either or both of those figures to loot parts from.

    Finally, I seem to remember seeing a picture of someone giving Hot Shot an Energon Saber that I think was said to have come from a fan produced Binaltech Armament set which looked remarkably like the Energon Saber that came with Microman Kicker. Can anyone give me more information about all that business, now?

    Thanks for any help!