Minor/Repaint: Head ball joint minor fix :)

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    Afternoon all, I know pretty much that when we come to a problem with head post and head post hole size doesn't match up we want to either shave the post or widen the hole. But what happens when the hole on the head is larger than the post? Easy HEATSHRINK! I am sure most of us have already been utilizing this handy method, but for those who don't know about it here is an idea of how it's done :) 

    The test subject is my first attempt at a Sideswipe/Arcee using an Arcee Polaris Head. It may only take one piece of tubing for your head mod to fit, or like in my case, 3 or 4 pieces of tubing.

    Pic one we see how the problem starts...her hole is too big (yes I know how that sounded lol)

    Pic two, we take a length of heat shrink and trim off a piece just a hair over the top of the ball joint and all the way to the bottom of the neck, CAREFUL when you heat the tubing not to singe or char the plastic, it only takes a little heat to shrink the tubing.

    Pic three, we add another layer of Heatshrink over the first, to build up the post, this time, making the bottom of the tubing come to just under the ball itself and the top, just a hair over the top of the ball.

    Pic four, add another layer of tubing this time a size larger. remember in pic three we only went down to just under the ball itself. the reason is because when we add that larger diameter piece it, will hug the bottom of the neck.

    Pic five, is what the final ball joint neck will look like after all layers are on it, again, you may only need one piece of tubing or as many as four layers for a snug fit.

    Pic six is with the head on the new sized neck, its snug, turn-able, and depending on the head you choose, positionable.

    This is a cheap fix and heatshrink is available at any auto parts store or hardware and electronics store. and if it wears out it's easy to do again :) 

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