Having trouble setting up my lcd for computer use

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Master Blaster, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Hey folks. So I just got back to uni and had the pleasure of hooking up my new 40" to my laptop on my desk, so I can enjoy some awesome movies in big, crisp HD. But I'm having trouble optimising the resolution on the tv. The native resolution recommended drops the desktop in the centre of the screen and surrounds it by a massive red frame? Not sure why it's doing that, but no setting I use gets it to work properly.

    I'm using a Sharp 40" LC40F22E with my Dell Inspiron 1525, connected via 2-way HDMI. The recommended resolution (that's not working properly) is 1920x1080, while my monitor is at 1280x800. Let me know what info you need and if you can help, thanks!