Have you ever driven yourself crazy waiting??

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by Tarngold, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Not sure if this should be posted in General discussion but it seemed relevant to this place since most people post stuff about toy shippments here. Just a general inquiry and a story to go with.

    Ok so for the past week or so ive had a few things happen regarding shipments, the one that applies for this topic i suppose would be the Crossfire Bruticus sets i ordered from TFsource last Sunday set to ship sometime in august. Now its been about 4 days and im already feeling the Jitters for its arrival, i refresh the News and rumors thread for it about 5 times a night! Not only that, im compounding my problem, i have a Desktop PC coming from Dell as well which my parents paid for for my upcoming birthday due to the awesome sale theyre having on Computers right now which will arrive before August 5th and completely related to which Starcraft 2 releases in 4 days which i am going to preorder tomorrow if possible. In addition to all of those i have my Daughters birthday coming up on August 11th with presents already picked out, and i want to give them to her now!

    So either post your story of waiting pains, or what you do when you have a package coming to prevent yourself from going crazy! :crazy: 

    Edit: sorry for the bolding text spree but i thought it would highlight the wait times for each item on the list
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    I went crazy when PCC came out. I've FINALLY got what I wanted...Bombshock and Smolder. I'm also going crazy waiting for Pursuit of Cobra figs to come out, after the crap-fest that was Rise of Cobra. I'm glad that Hasbro is trying to scrub as much RoC influence out of PoC as possible, and making it sort of a "25h Anniversary version 2."
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    I know how you feel.

    I've had the Crossfire set on pre-order since it became available. I also made myself a little nuts over Warbot (Who was worth it) and Busou Shinki Altrene.

    But the latest one? My Busou Shinki Arnval and Strarf Mk II set. I foolishly succumbed to the urge to check the tracking provided (Something I should only do if the package goes overdue) and have been compulsively refreshing the page all week for updates.

    In less toy-related situations, I went a little random while waiting for all the paperwork to clear so I could pick up my new car (Which, actually, probably counts as a toy, though one with practical applications).