HAVE HASBRO MP Acid Storm and Sunstorm (and GI JOE) W/ Trades

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    Sep 21, 2016
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    Hi I have MP HASBRO
    Mp-01 Acid storm $100 shipped.
    MP-05 Sunstorm $90 shipped.
    Both are 100% complete. Everythings included, mint. Boxs and trays included also. Both were displayed in glass sealed cabinet, never transformed.

    GI JOE
    MINT Sealed Card still, Steel Brigade and Iron Grenedier 2pack. $12

    LOOSE But Complete W/FC, Stiff and mint.
    50th Blow torch (from croc master/swamp team pack) $8
    50th Chuckles (from desert duel) $15
    50th Cobra Viper Officer $12
    50th Heat Viper $8
    50th RED Night Viper $13

    MINT ON CARD POC/ unopened
    Cobra the enemy trooper, Singe pistol version reddish car. $17
    Snake EYES, (the version with the Wolf timber NO 1002) $15
    BLow Torch (1109) $8
    General HAwk (1110) $8

    30th LOOSE, but complete with FC. Stiff and mint.
    Dreadnok ROAD PIG $25
    Dreadnok ZANZIBAR $12
    Dreadnok Gnaw (Gnawgahyde)$17
    (Take all 3 dreadnoks $50 + free shipping)

    25th, Loose, Complete, W/FC, Stiff and mint
    Shipwreck from comic pack, $5
    Lt. Falcon $10
    Cobra Air Trooper $9

    Marvel Shanna 3.75
    Indiana Jones ROTL 3.75 (With JAcket and Belt)
    These are two of the components to make a custom CoverGirl that has become popular here on these boards. (You will need a 50th lady Jay and some Paint)
    BOTH components $22

    50th SILENT STRIKE NISB ( I bought this for $47, so I am offering as the same with the intent it goes to a collector/keeper, and not a reseller. Of coarse I will never know, but you will!)

    WANTS, prefer Trade, we can work out combination and Cash differences.
    Year of Snake Omega surpreme
    NEW HAsbro Combiner Devastator
    MP Blue Streak
    MP Ratchet
    MP Iron Hide
    MP Jazz
    ToyWorld Dinobots
    Fan Toys Dinobots
    Jet/Sky Fire (A Version that towers over MP Seeker jets)
    MP Optimus Prime
    XBT Megatron/Apollyon

    Got some positive trade going on Hisstank
    Silber_spades 800+ feedback on ebay
    Owner of Warlords Crusade Leather
    Will exchange numbers upon agreement of trade/sales

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