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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by alpharon, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I hope I'm posting this in the right section. I've recently ordered a few items on HasbroToyShop.com and I've come across a couple 10% off Promo Codes while searching for deals online. You can only use one Promo Code per order:


    Big gripe with HasbroToyShop.com:
    I have recently celebrated a birthday in which I received e-gift cards and physical gift cards of various amounts to HasbroToyShop.com from friends and family. When I logged in to place an order, I found that I could only enter one of my gift cards to use for my purchase. This did not sit well with my as I had a ~$120 order and a total of $125 in gift cards sitting in front of me. Money is money, right? After contacting customer service numerous times and talking to a few customer service managers, there was no way I could complete my order by using the total amount of all my gift cards.

    Apple.com had the same exact problem early last year and a customer documented it on The Consumerist blog found here:

    After much talk on the internet regarding their gift card policy, an Apple PR reached out to the customer and helped her get what she needed. That information is documented here:

    Hasbro gave me the cold shoulder after trying to contact them again. But I still had these gift cards in front of me, so I just caved and used them. I broke my order up to just past the amount of each gift card and placed separate orders for the toys I wanted.

    In any case. I hope these Promo codes can help you if you're planning on ordering from their site soon. I don't know when or if these codes will expire.

    - alpharon
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