Hasbro Withdraws From UK Toy Fair 2016

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by SilverOptimus, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Absolutely. The German Bald Guy is going to do Stan Lee cameos in all transformers media. :) 
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    If you're seriously claiming that Hasbro decided not to distribute Combiner Wars wave 2 in Europe because fans already bought them from Kapow Toys, you're massively underestimating the distribution cycle.

    And the reason wave 1 is still clogging shelves is not because everyone "bought the figures online".

    Hey, news flash: Combiner Wars wave 1 was released in Europe before the US! A lot of European fans actually bought them locally because that happened to be the quickest option at getting them. By your own logic, Hasbro's sales at European retail should have been more than reason enough to encourage a retail release for wave 2.

    Eeeeexcept reality is a little more complicated.

    Combiner Wars was given a massive, almost unprecedented launch all across Europe that equals the launch of a movie tie-in line. Even Italy and Spain, which didn't get any "CHUG" toys since 2008's Universe, and even Russia got Combiner Wars.

    So someone at Hasbro was very obviously trying for a huge push for the line. On top of that, the Toys"R"Us exclusivity for Generations figures that was previously in effect in the UK and Germany was lifted, so every retailer that was interested could order them.

    However, it appears that Hasbro massively overestimated their projected sales figures, resulting in a giant load of produced stock that was still clogging warehouses by the time wave 2 was supposed to be shipped out. When every store with a toy section in your city has multiples of each wave 1 figure on the shelves, there will eventually come a point where every child and adult collector owns all of these figures and likely won't buy extras. They would buy the wave 2 figures... but as long as the wave 1 figures are still clogging shelves and warehouses, stores won't order wave 2.

    To claim that online purchases are to blame is a blatant reversal of the timeline.
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    Well, I can understand why. It's just mean to show people toys they'll never be able to find on shelves there.

    I feel bad for UK TF fans.