Hasbro Mentions TFCU & The Future Of Transformers At The GCC 2015

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by SilverOptimus, May 28, 2015.

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    I gave no praise towards the movies themselves, I'm simply pointing out that Hasbro wouldn't be able to make releases like Generations and US Masterpieces without the money they get from the movies.

    You seem to think I have no concept of chronology. Yes, the movies wouldn't exist without G1, but the franchise wouldn't be as successful without the movies. The Combiner Wars are inspired by G1 and IDW, but it's highly unlikely Hasbro would be able to afford to make those lines (especially after the budget cuts in 2011/2012) without the movies.

    I can safely say that RID2015 is keeping me entertained just fine, just as Prime did before. Have fun generalizing other fans for not completely hating the Michael Bay Transformers movies when the next one comes out

    Fair point, but Universe/Generations are still a product of the success of the movies.

    I'm sure there's a difference between a line based on nostalgia being popular and a company having enough money to continue said line based on nostalgia as well as two other lines based on recent adaptations.

    Your comments about the movies are nothing more than an opinion. If it were a fact that the designs were terrible and all the Transformers were out of character, everyone would agree with you. As it stands, I like the designs for the most part, and I know people who do. As for the characters, I've seen people who hate the movies admit to at least a handful of characters being in character. Do I think the movies are perfect? No. Do I enjoy them? Yes and no, depending on which one we're talking about. Am I thankful we have them? Yes, because without them, I probably wouldn't have gotten interested in the franchise enough to become a part of the fandom, and I wouldn't enjoy watching Generation One and Transformers' many other adaptations today.