Has anyone ever ripped the Armada game?

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    Has anyone or can anyone rip the character models from the Armada Playstation game?

    I'm asking because Tidal Wave is truly huge in it but is the only character in the game I can't find a height for. I know there was at least one guy on here who ripped the FOC/WFC games to get the Omega Supreme and Trypticon scales.

    I'm really curious as to what scale Tidal Wave is in the game and it wouldn't be hard to figure out if his model were stacked next to the other characters (Optimus 22' 11", Hot Shot 16' 5", Red Alert 19' 8").
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    Pff its difficult. The game runs in a custom engine. In theory its the same one used for Serious Sam, but this was never confirmed. Pretty sure the levels were created with some of that tech, but i'm not sure about the entire game being develop on that tech. So, mostly impossible to rip that things. Maybe if someone knows PS2 tech in this community...

    Its a shame, but without a PC Port and a custom engine it isnt as easy as extracting models from an Unreal Engine game like FOC and WFC...
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