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    Guess who finally got around to taking pictures? This is a custom I made awhile back in honor of my late father, who was largely responsible for my love of all things pop culture. So without further ado, may I present Halcyon!
    My father's favorite superhero was Superman hence the red, blue and yellow paint as well as the Superman stickers.
    Here's a closeup of his face, I'm a sucker for transformers with facial hair so I gave him a goatee. My father's birth stone is peridot that why he has green eyes. Another thing my father loved was Westerns, but especially anything with John Wayne. Therefore ...
    I made him a sheriff hat!
    0326240211.jpg The hat was carefully made with aluminum foil, then I painted on the gold star.
    Here's a full view with the sheriff hat. You may have noticed the cannons on his arms?
    Guess who's a quick draw.
    Side view.
    0326240228.jpg 0326240213.jpg
    In total he has nine Superman symbols on his body including inside his chest. 0326240224a.jpg 0326240225.jpg 0326240225a.jpg
    Some shots in vehicle mode. He originally only had a single cannon but then I got another authentics Megatron for a different custom who didn't need their cannon so TA-DA two cannons!
    All of my transformers toys and Lego Minifigures exist within my own universe that I created, and that includes my customs so here's his backstory.

    When the war broke out on Cybertron Halcyon fled. Halcyon wanted to help the Autobots but he also didn't want to take a life as he saw all life, including Decepticon life, as sacred. He would hop from planet to planet trying to get as far from the war as he could before his ship eventually crashed on a planet called Krypton. Halcyon was severely injured in the crash and would have died had he not been found by a man named Ter-El. Ter-El was able to repair Halcyon but warned him that most on Krypton were xenophobic and that he would have to remain hidden until Halcyon's ship could be repaired, but that he was welcome to stay in his home in the meantime. Halcyon was eternally grateful for Ter-El's kindness and became very good friends with him as they repaired his ship. Eventually the ship was space worthy again but before he left Halcyon adorned himself with the crest of the house of El, as well as creating a transponder that could hold all past and future family history of the house of El so that no matter what happened they would not be forgotten. After leaving Krypton Halcyon would eventually land on Earth during the time of the old west. Halcyon discovered very quickly he was not the only visitor to this world, and would often protect humans from other aliens, as well as other humans on rare occasion, even if they showed him nothing but fear and hate in return. That all changed one day when he saved an entire town from some particularly nasty aliens. The entire town thanked him and apologized for their previous behavior. They even made him honorary sheriff when they gave him a sheriff hat. Halcyon would live in that town for awhile before being forced into stasis while saving everyone from a natural disaster. He would eventually be discovered in modern day by Lexcorp. Lex Luthor planned on using Halcyon to take down Superman, but Halcyon immediately recognized Luthor's intentions and escaped to warn Superman. Superman thanked Halcyon and was overjoyed to meet someone who had all his family history. Now Halcyon fights crime alongside the rest of the Superman family.
    Sorry that this was so long. I'm planning on creating another thread within the next couple weeks that will have most of my other customs, save for those that I feel deserve their own entry. So stay tuned and see you there.
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    That's really sweet. Excellent job!
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    Well done, what a wonderful tribute!
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    Sweet hat!
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