H: 3A Premium Scale Starscream W: PayPal, $350

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    This is a listing for a ThreeA (3A) Transformers: Dark of the Moon Starscream from the Premium Scale line. This is the non-Bambaland version. He is 16 inches tall and comes with a small tool to remove the back plate (to install batteries). His eyes already have batteries installed (by me). He also includes an interchangeable arm with a missile attachment. This figure has some flaws, however. The right foot comes unattached, but it’s not broken (it can snap back into place and hold for most poses). It can articulate if you are careful. I tried to glue it back in, but gorilla glue does not seem to hold for this plastic. He is also missing (on that same right foot) the foot guard; so he ONLY HAS ONE FOOT GUARD (see pictures). Ships securely using Retail Ground (the box is HUGE).

    He’s up on eBay right now, but I’d rather sell on here. $350 including fees!

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