By Generation: Grimwing/Darksteel - Head/Chest Modification

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    Like some, I was disappointed with the head/shoulder joint on the Grimwing mold. It's a fantastic toy, EXCEPT for that stupid issue of the head not locking into place securely. Well, there's a good modification that involves thickening one of the tabs in the fold up process, but I've found something that seems like it should have been in the design and allows for a nearly perfect transformation.

    What you'll need is some very thin sheet styrene (I use “FOR SALE” signs), a sharp knife, maybe some sandpaper and a drop of glue.

    1. Find the hinge at the base of the torso that spreads out the sides. You know, the one that's floppy. Measure the width of the gap UNDER the hinge.

    2. Cut some pieces of plastic the width of the gap. Length doesn't matter since the excess will be trimmed.

    3. Fit one piece in each side until it can't go in further. Here's where some trial and error comes in. I ended up using one piece on one side and two on the other. It all depends on the mold, really. I sanded a third piece slightly until it could be wiggled in to make sure both sides were tight.

    4. Trim the excess that is sticking out, then put a tiny drop of glue on the plastic, making sure to not glue the joint.

    Now, if successful, your Grimwing or Darksteel will be solid in bot mode and the shoulders will hold tight. The beast head crests now actually lock into place with the chest panels.




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