Grimlockimus' various odds and ends sale of everything.

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    Feb 8, 2011
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    Time for some Spr..Summer cleaning and I have various items from various series up for sale today because who the hell couldn't use some extra money? If you see something you like send over a private message or post here inquiring about it.

    Also worth noting I only ship to the main US area, sorry Canada and rest of the world.

    ~For Sale~

    TFC Uranos (loose but comes with the boxes, instructions, and collector cards)

    Transformers: The Complete Ark (Artwork book)

    G1 Sixshot (no blasters)
    G1 Encore/re-release Soundwave w/ Laserbeak
    G1 Snarl (no accessories)
    G1 Sludge (no accessories)
    G1 Slag (no accessories/mouth panel doesn't stay up)

    Botcon 2002 Glyph (no Bio Card)
    Botcon Shattered Glass Blurr (no Bio Card)

    Planet X- Caelus (not Swoop but it is)

    Target Exclusive Silver Knight Optimus Battle Master
    Target Exclusive Deluxe Silver Knight Optimus Prime (from the Grimlock 2-pack)

    Classics: Legend RTS Gold Bumblebee (MOSC)
    Classics: Legend RTS Trailcutter (MOSC)
    Classics: Legend RTS Starscream (MOSC)
    Classics: Deluxe Wheeljack (MOSC)
    Classics: Deluxe Dreadwing (MOSC)
    Classics: Deluxe Dirge (MOSC)
    Classics: Deluxe Hoist (MOSC)
    Classics: Deluxe RTS G2 Optimus Prime (MOSC)
    Classics: Deluxe Darkmount/Straxus
    Classics: Deluxe FOC Skywarp
    Classics: Deluxe Scourge
    Classics: Deluxe FOC Thundercracker
    Classics: Voyager Springer
    Classics: Voyager Blitzwing
    Classics: Ultra Class Silverbolt

    Animated: Deluxe Cybertronian Optimus Prime (MOSC)
    Animated: Deluxe TRU exclusive Rodimus Prime (MOSC)
    Animated: Deluxe Lockdown (MOSC)
    Animated: Deluxe Cybertronian Ratchet (no defibrillator pads)
    Animated: Voyager Wreck-gar (MISB)
    Animated: Voyager Skywarp (MISB)
    Animated: Voyager Blitzwing (MISB)
    Animated: 2-Pack Jetfire and Jetstorm w.comic
    Animated: Chibi Gashapon figures (Bumblebee, Optimus, Starscream, and Blackarachnia)

    Prime: Deluxe Soundwave (MOSC)
    Prime: Deluxe Takara Wildrider (No Micron)
    Prime: Deluxe Vehicon
    Prime: Deluxe Takara Skywarp (no Micron)
    Prime: Voyager Takara Swerve (No Micron)
    Prime: NYC Pink Arcee and Taxi Bumblebee w/ Jack and Raf

    Movie: Deluxe DOTM Nitro Murder Bee
    Movie: Deluxe ROTF Ice Cream Truck twins
    Movie: Deluxe ROTF Battle Blade Bumblebee
    Movie: Voyager DOTM Shockwave (MISB)
    Movie: Voyager ROTF Mindwipe
    Movie: Burger King DOTM toys (Optimus, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, Starscream, Shockwave)

    Beast Wars: Injector (MOSC)
    Beast Wars: Armordillo (MOSC)
    Beast Wars: Airhammer (MOSC)
    Beast Wars: Terrorgator (MOSC)
    Beast Wars: Bantor (MOSC)
    Beast Wars: TM Tarantulus
    Beast Wars: Quickstrike
    Beast Wars: Combiner Magna Boss
    Beast Wars: Ultra Class Optimus Primal (missing swords)

    Energon: Shockblast
    Energon: Sixshot

    Alternators: Shockblast
    Alternators: Jazz
    Alternators: Sideswipe

    Pacific Rim NECA: Battle Damaged Gipsy Danger (no swords)
    Pacific Rim NECA: Leatherback
    Pacific Rim NECA: Knifehead (first version)
    Pacific Rim NECA: Cherno Alpha
    Pacific Rim NECA: Scunner

    Kre-o Transformers mini-figure: AOE Galvatron
    Kre-o Transformers mini-figure: AOE Lockdown
    Kre-o Transformers mini-figure: AOE Optimus Prime
    Kre-o Transformers mini-figure: AOE Bumblebee
    Kre-o Transformers mini-figure: AOE Drift
    Kre-o Transformers mini-figure: AOE Crosshairs
    Lego Marvel mini-figure: Hawkeye
    Lego Marvel mini-figure: Thor
    Lego Marvel mini-figure: Loki
    Lego Marvel BIG- figure: Hulk

    Kamen Rider: DX White Wizard belt
    Kamen Rider: DX Birth Driver
    Kamen Rider: DX Deca Driver
    Kamen Rider: OOO Candroid Kujaku (Peacock)
    Kamen Rider: OOO Candroid Torikera (Triceratops)
    Kamen Rider: Fourze Foodroid Ice Cream
    Kamen Rider: Fourze Foodroid Nuggets
    Kamen Rider: Fourze Foodroid Shake
    Kamen Rider: Wizard Plamonster Garuda
    Kamen Rider: Wizard Plamonster Black Cerberus
    Kamen Rider: Wizard Plamonster Griffin

    TRU Exclusive Legacy Dragonzord (box damaged, toy in perfect condition)

    -2007 Deluxe Arcee
    -2007 Voyager Blackout
    -2007 Deluxe Landmine
    -ROTF Deluxe Mudflap
    -ROTF Deluxe Arcee, Chromia, and Elita-1
    -ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe
    -DOTM Deluxe Roadbuster
    -DOTM Deluxe Starscream
    -DOTM Deluxe Takara Que/Wheeljack *high priority*
    -DOTM Voyager Megatron
    -Armada Deluxe Smokescreen
    -Armada Deluxe Hotshot
    -Armada Red Alert
    -Armada Scavenger
    -Armada Super Base Optimus Prime
    -Energon Downshift
    -Energon Prowl
    -Energon Inferno
    -Energon Jetfire
    -Energon Arcee
    -Cybertron Landmine
    -Cybertron Red Alert
    -Cybertron Crosswise
    -Cybertron Scattorshot
    -Cybertron Snarl
    -Mr. Potato Head mini-Grimlock toy *been hunting this thing for what seems like an eternity*
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    How much for caelus?
  3. Grimlockimus

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    Feb 8, 2011
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    Thank you SDCC for making me need an extra $160 by July, bump the topic to hopefully bump my sales
  4. Grimlockimus

    Grimlockimus Wot?

    Feb 8, 2011
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    Bump in the name of sales
  5. Grimlockimus

    Grimlockimus Wot?

    Feb 8, 2011
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    Updated with new items and an extensive wants list to help me finish some new display shelves :)