Grimlock: Jedi Knight

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    Disclaimer: All characters mentioned within are properties of the respective companies that own them. This story is merely me practicing my writing skills, by way of "playing in someone else's sandbox."

    Grimlock: Jedi Knight

    By Icespark

    "Me, Grimlock, want to know where you, Spike, going so fast?"

    Within the bright orange interior of the Autobot base, the massive robotic dinosaur stared down at the brown-haired human child.

    "I'm off to the movies, Grimlock! Would you like to come with me?"

    "Me, Grimlock bored, other Dinobots resting, me, Grimlock go with you!"

    "Great! We're gonna see Star Wars!"


    "And me, Grimlock now know all about force and force power and now me, Grimlock, Jedi knight!"

    "Me, Snarl want know what force look like!"

    "Stupid Snarl! There more than one kind of force!"

    "Me, Sludge want know what Jedi knight look like!"

    "Me, Grimlock say Jedi Knight look like me, Grimlock!"

    "Me, Slag want to know if Grimlock really know about force!"

    "Me, Grimlock say of course me, Grimlock, know about force! Me, Grimlock most power Dino-Bot, meaning me Grimlock have force-power!"

    "Me, Swoop want know what kinds of force there is!"

    "Me, Grimlock say there are many types of force! Brute force, lethal force, air forceā€¦"


    "Hey! Prowl! Watch this!"

    "Yeah! Take a look! We beat the Dinobots to their new secret fighting style! Right Sides?"

    "Right, Sunny! We overheard them, and now, we Autobots now have the perfect defense against Seekers!"

    "Instead of Jet-Judo, we Autobots now have Jet-Die Force!"