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    Hi everyone, my first post here! Hello all! hehe

    ok, I recently won a complete g1 Grimlock off ebay. It arrived today and I am slightly concerned it's a fake.

    The overall condition of the figure is excellent, with practically no wear to the plastic or chrome. Some of the stickers are peeling or are a little rough at the edges. The three missiles which came with it are very, very shiny.

    I compared it with the Grimlock I got for xmas in the early 90's (I think it was one of the classic series, released in the UK), and this left me in more of a quandery. So, can anyone here help me work out whether the one got from ebay is original or not? (I shall refer to it as Grimlock 1).

    Grimlock 1 has two date stamps. On the left leg is Hasbro 1980-1984. On the right leg is Takara Japan 1980-1984. It also has a rub sign.

    Grimlock 2 (which I think is a 90's classic) has on the left leg Hasbro inc. all rights reserved, made in china. The right leg has a blank square. It has no rub sign, and a peculiar little hole at the bottem front of the right foot. (Does not look like damage).

    So there we are, is one a fake, calssic or original?

    Many thanks to you for reading!
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    My best advice for you is to check this site for more info on the specifics of your figure:
    Pretty much the most comprehensive variation and info site for TFs out there. I believe (without swearing to it) that it's possible for your toy to be real with both stampings. As for the chrome, I got a real one with no accessories about a month ago that has immaculate chrome still... and Grimmy has a chrome color variation, so def. read up on the link above. Some pics of your toy could help too.