"Good Times" and reality

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    Since i have insomnia, i watch a lot of TVLand at this hour and i catch "Good Times" often.
    I love the show up until after John Amos was killed off.
    It comes pretty damn close to resembling the way i grew up about the same time. (I was born in '74 as the show was airing.)

    we had our problems as a family- even Stephen King was this bad off before he published Carrie- but we got through em. and as Florida Evans had done, my mom kept us in church, kept us looking up and ahead.
    and just as "Good Times" would have it, we had something always coming along to detour us from normalcy. (multiple hurricanes, 3 major illnesses, and so on.)

    and as Florida said "Damn, Damn, Damn!" after her husband died, we have had our moments where it just didn't seem fair anymore.

    it isn't just GT that i respect, i respect a lot of the '70s sitcoms for trying so hard to be genuine. it's just that GT did it better than most to me.

    at least early on.

    lastly, i used to think as a kid that i was missing out on a lot growing up.
    however, as i watched and fell in love with that show, i realized that i didn't miss out on all that much. we did things our way, we found ways to
    get things done.
    actually, now that i am older and have the disposable income that i do, i walk the toy aisle, and fell blessed. spoiled even. if i had gotten all this stuff back then, it woulda been broken and in a landfill and i wouldn't be a part of this community. i wouldn't care today.

    but every thing i did manage to get, i took care of because i knew they didn't fall out of the air.

    "Good Times" actually does remind me that where i came from wasn't so bad and i got more from those days than i realized.

    Roseanne appeals to me, too, but GT is still the top of the list

    since i can't relate to newer stuff that well, is there a show that reminds you of your upbringing or background and has a special place in your memory?