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    Just stuff you remember from any of the campaigns you've participated in, wether it be funny, intense, sad or a mix of all of those. One that comes off the top of my head was when me, a 3 foot barbarian rock gnome with a battle-axe and 5 javelins, and my friend, a 6 foot acid spitting, battle-axe wielding dragonborn attempted to rob the home of the small towns mayor. My friend acted drunk to distract the guards whilst I pulled out my battle-axe and sliced one of their Achilles tendons. He fell backwards screaming and then me and my friends went back and forth trying to kill the two guards until I got kicked across a nearby street into an alleyway. I tried throwing my javelins, but missed both times. My friend got arrested and I attempted to run, but was found and picked up by the collar of a dog coat a shop owner sold me for 4 silver. We were slowly walked to the courthouse, and had three chances to escape and failed each time. We were placed in court, failed to convince them we didn't assault the guards, and we're then brought to the snakepit. There, we gained good luck and jumped away at the last moment, which lead to the guards that were about to shove us away falling into the pit.
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