Going to Japan - what/where to buy?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by zzyss, Feb 28, 2008.

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    Yay... finally going to visit the motherland! (in the TF sense, not biologically speaking :p )

    So what should I be looking out for, to have the optimum Japan TF experience, what's hot (to buy) right now, and where are the best places to get it? All suggestions welcome!

    I will be flying into Osaka in mid-April, and flying out of Tokyo at the end of the month. No firm plans on internal travel right now, but we might be going through Kyoto...

    It's a shame the new Binaltech's won't be released until June. Would have liked to have picked them up while I'm over there...
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    Go to Namba and locate Den-Den Town. It's a long street packed with all the geekery you'll need. ;) 

    TFs aren't too huge in Japan right now, but the store called Heero Ganguu is run by a fellow that's pretty heavily into it. He even semi-regulars at Botcon, I believe (or at least, he was there last year). Very cool dude if you can catch him at the store.

    Also, check the Mandarake store. They get lots of "used" stuff, but in Japan a "used" toy is practically mint-in-opened-box. :D 

    As for Tokyo, Akihabara is an obvious place to check out. Seek the Kotobukiya building, they have the first two floors but Volks, Revoltech, Yellow Submarine, and others have sales space going up about 8 or 9 floors. Mandarake also has their own personal HQ / giant geek mall in another district (forgot which one), as well as an underground Mandarake in yet another district (also forgot which one).