Godzilla: Unleashed, anyone played it?

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    Like the title suggests, this thread is about the latest offering in the Godzilla series from Pipework & Atari.

    Generally panned by critics, Unleashed is the third and likely final game in the series.

    Available on both Wii and PS2, both games are drastically different.

    The Wii version features 9 new monsters including 2 brand new creations made specifically for the game.
    The PS2 Version features the same roster from previous title 'Godzilla: Save the Earth', but with 2 new monsters. Battra, a re-skinned Mothra, and Obsidius; a re-skinned Orga.

    The Wii version also features a brand new combat system, as well as new features such as the ability to move and attack at the same time, alongside using beam weapons and moving at the same time.

    Both games feature a few new things not before seen in a Godzilla game, Critical Mass, and Power Surges.

    The game was released in the US on December 5th 2007, with the UK/EU Release today the 22nd of Feb 2008.

    Initial Thoughts:
    I'd been waiting for this game since it was first announced, but the prospect of the Wii's control system was always nagging away in the back of my mind.

    First thing I did was to try out the training mode, in order to familiarise myself with the controls (which it seems most Game critics didn't bother to do).

    The controls were awful at first, and I often found myself flailing wildly trying to execute specific attacks. After about 10 minutes of defeat after defeat at the hands of enemies unhindered by motion sensors, I almost gave up completely.

    After a while, I picked up the controls, and executing the attacks became fairly straightforward.

    Brawl Mode:
    Standard vs matches. Up to four monsters can battle it out over 9 arena's across the globe. There are multiple game modes such as Destruction, classic, and last man standing. Alternatively; players can create their own custom rules. Options include (but are not limited to): Military aggression, Health regeneration speed, monster size, how to win a match. etc.

    That's about all I can say about Brawl mode.

    Story/Adventure mode:
    After a few quick vs matches, I decided to try out the story mode. I picked one of the few characters available from the start (Godzilla 2000), and set about the missions.

    Mission tasks range from the easy (smash crystals), to the irritatingly difficult (Titanosaurus & Megaguirus vs you). Playing off and on I managed to complete Godzilla 2000's story mode in just under 5 hours.

    The Final mission was a lot of fun, with a final showdown against the Alien and Mutant monsters.

    The cut-scenes in story mode are something that drags the game down. Graphic novel style stills are used, with voice overs and very simple animations used as well. Big letdown here.

    Unlock System:
    This is one of the coolest parts of the game to me. Over the course of story mode, you will find a number of situations during which you can start the process of unlocking a monster.

    The in-game store has hints you can buy with points earned in Story, Brawl and training modes.

    The hints show a particular monster, in a particular arena, doing a specific thing. One such example is Godzilla 2000, in the ruins of Tokyo, smashing a building surrounded by Vines.

    In story mode, if you destroy that building when playing as Godzilla during the level 'Rumble in the Surf', the monster Biollante will pop her head out of the water briefly, then sink back to the depths. After you finish the mission you will be given a chance to return to the location to fight Biollante. Beat her and she will be available for purchase.

    Monster Roster:
    With a total of 26 monsters on the Wii version there is plenty of variety. I was particularly glad to see some of my favourite Monsters gain a spot (Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla 1975)

    The roster features only two clones, Mecha-king Ghidorah and Godzilla 90's, which are clones of King Ghidorah and Godzilla 1954 respectively.

    The A.I is a spot where this game can lose major points. Opponents will often just brace (block) every attack for the duration of the level, causing maximum frustration. Health regeneration in Story mode is way too fast for enemy monsters, as Bracing for a moment will allow them to fully heal any damage done to a health cell (though they cannot regenerate entire health cells).

    Sometimes enemy monsters will ignore the player, this has only happened once during Story mode, and seems to be confined to a single level. The Monster Kiryu will not fight back or pay attention to the player during one of the New York stages.

    Personally, I don't give two hoots about graphics, I would rather have better gameplay than life-like graphics. However, Unleashed features some very nice graphics, on-par with the Wii's standard graphics easily, but nowhere near next-gen. The monsters are much more detailed than they were on the PS2, xbox and Gamecube prequels. The environments are very nice, from the Arctic wasteland of Sydney, to the flooded ruins of Tokyo. Building destruction is also much better than it has been in the previous games.

    Now that I have had time to get used to them, the controls are much simpler. I still often find myself performing a lunging kick rather than stomp, but I imagine in time I will be able to master them.

    Final Thoughts:
    Overall a fun game, don't be put off by a critic's reviews, give the game a rent at least before you decide against it. I never listen to reviewers, but I was expecting truly awful controls for this game. Luckily it seems they just never bothered to give them a chance, or did what quite a few did and panned it simply because it was Godzilla.

    I would happily recommend this game to any fan of Godzilla, or even just those who want a fun time smashing cities and laying the smack down on some giant monsters.

    Though please, stay away from the DS version (by Santacruz games) at all costs.

    So yes, in closing I gather this post will be very much TLDR, but please, if you have had a chance to play this game, tell me what you thought.
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    I normally don't pay attention to reviews either, but EVERYTHING I read about the game was negative.

    I'll give it a rental.
    I love Godzilla!