Godaikin Golion - What can I use to glue diecast metal (for a vintage toy)?

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by Mr. Ginrai, May 29, 2009.

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    Mods: Please move if this should go somewhere else. I looked through the radicons sections and didn't really think this would fit there, I felt it would be more of an intrusion because it wasn't a "customs" help request.

    Ok guys,

    So here is the story. As with any collector there are always some pieces that have eluded me.

    Last night I picked up a mint Bandai Godaikin Golion (the 12" heavy metal version of the five lion Voltron) from the early 80's. This is the rarer Japanese/American version, the one that Matchbox later used for its toys a few years later.

    Figure was absolutely mint, no accessories (the early one comes with a billion of them) and the only other thing missing was the two firing lion heads for the arms. Scored it for $20.

    I know how fragile the figure is and knew what to expect - possibility for breaking/frailty, etc.

    Got the whole figure separated and everything was great (usually the tails on the arms lions break but they were solid).

    One of the lower legs on the black lion let go. The diecast part. Also, a small area of the wall (also diecast) cracked off. Everything was what I would call a clean break (no extra crumbles, etc.). I know the break was not caused by me doing something wrong, it was definitely age, and I would have never been able to see the crack where it was.

    It was a spring joint - i.e. there is a post with a screw hole, main leg goes over screw hole then spring and then screw. You pull up slightly on the leg move it where you want and release - only has about 4 total positions.

    So is it possible to use anything to glue it back that will actually strengthen it?

    Normally a super glue or a Loctite super glue would work from what I have heard, but I doubt it would hold if I try to move it, so he will get assembled and go on the shelf permanently.

    Anyone got any ideas - I never had to glue anything like this and I am actually thinking real loctite or JB Weld or something similar. It is a small area to glue, and maybe this will be a much better bond and a stronger, permanent hold. I also don't have the intention of "playing" with this one. It might get moved/looked at twice a year. If that.

    So I am open to suggestions, experience, etc. I am in the office at the moment and won't be able to post pics of the joint untill later tonight, and I'll throw in a couple of the toy for some nostalgia for anyone that's interested.

    - Mike
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    Whoa. Sorry to hear about the break but superglue may actually actually work. For such a breakage, I would either use Superglue or "Mr. Cement" - its a Japanese type of er, superglue for model kits and IMO as equally effective as superglue.

    I also agree that it was due to age...I have read of horror stories of "spring joints" from other toys that suffered this type of breakage. My suggestion is that you may consider not to put the spring back after you glue it. If you want, you can but if it breaks a second time, just remove the spring to prevent unnecessary stress.

    *I hope I got the concept of spring joint correct.
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    Maybe an epoxy putty of some type would work out? I know the local auto parts places carry various types, and they're all pretty damn solid. Might end up being too thick to work though.
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    My daughter and I demand pictures! (She LOVES Golion)