God Zenon DX Electric God TAKARA Japan and Thunder Gridman

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    May 5, 2009
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    Good morning!

    I am new here, so if this is not the right place I am sorry. I wanted to share these two ebay listings with you all. If this is not allowed I am truly sorry. If so, please take a look. Thank you. I am an honest ebay seller as you will see from my feedback. Also, if any of you can tell me what the heck the box says that would be awesome.

    TRANSFORMER God Zenon DX Electric God TAKARA Japan - eBay (item 130304135411 end time May-10-09 09:03:38 PDT)

    TRANSFORMER Thunder Gridman TAKARA Japan - eBay (item 130304148552 end time May-10-09 09:52:12 PDT)