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    The Rocket City
    A short story.
    --- --- ---
    Adrestia awoke fitfully, clutching at the stagnant air before her. She beheld claws where once there were hands. The Iaconians. This was their doing. Almost instantly, she knew that they had done something to her on that steel slab in the darkest recesses of their complex.

    “Good. You’re awake.” A brutish, cold voice spoke. Above her, in the confines of this cramped cell, she could see a dura-glass aperture on the ceiling. “Allow me to introduce myself.” A spindly, multi-legged Minicon crawled over the glass, turning his large eyes downward to meet her gaze. “I am Scalpel, the head surgeon of this ludus.”

    “A gladiator-school.” The grey-plated femme noted, translating the Iaconian word via the best-match translation algorithm. She had heard horror-stories of such facilities, where warriors were taken and altered to Iaconian specifications. All this, so they could fight to the death in a bloody spectacle. “So, you whoresons intend for me to fight for your amusement, then.”

    “Indeed. You are property of the state now, for use in its Games.” Scalpel answered. “Whether or not you survive is down to your skill.” He chuckled at this. “And from what I hear, you are skilled indeed. It’s rare we get to pick through the brains of a Combatronian knight. Your engrams will serve our soldiers well.”

    “This will not stand.” She raged coldly. “You won’t get away with this!” Shaking her fist at the Minicon, Adrestia elaborated. "Send your armies, churl! I am twice the warrior any Iaconian dog is!”

    “And yet, you got captured by us.” Scalpel shot back. Slinking off, he turned to fire a parting shot. “Enjoy your new life, gladiatrix.”

    Two cells over, another prisoner was stirring. "Welcome back to the realm of the living, C-81." Adrestia could hear the loathsome thing speak. "I am Scalpel..."