Give your favorite vehicular character a beast mode

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    So in some universe a BW Megs gets some macguffins and decides to outUnicron Unicron: he brings Decepticons from all over the multiverse to earths past and gives them beast modes intending to build an army on earth that he can bring to the future with the intention of conquering Cybertron.
    A fancy story for saying: Since FunPub did it
    Its become a thing to give BW characters a vehicle mode, lets turn things around.
    Anything goes: repurpose toys, pick beast modes that havent been made in toy form, fuzors, transmetals, Autobots with a bugmode, Decepticons with a mammal mode, just invent stuff.

    I'll start with a few pretty easy ones:

    G1 Tracks : Pegasus

    G1 Vortex : Dragonfly
    G1 Blast Off : Killer whale/hawk fuzor
    G1 Swindle : Desert fox
    G1 Brawl : White Rhinoceros
    G1 Onslaught : Transmetal Mastodon
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