By Generation: Give Cyberverse Twinstrike a G1 Cannon Using His Own Hammer

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    In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to turn Cyberverse Twinstrike’s battle hammer into the cannon his G1 Sinnertwin toy had.

    What you'll need:
    • A decently sharp craft knife;
    • Superglue;
    • and (of course) a Cyberverse Sinnertwin figure.


    Step 1: Carefully cut the octagonal head off the hammer:


    If you've done it right, you should end up with this:


    Step 2: Cut about a quarter off the head of the hammer as shown in the image below, and superglue it to the back of the gun (top of the hammer):


    . . . . and just like that, you've taken Sinnertwin weapon from a hammer:


    . . . . to this - a cannon like the G1 toy had on his beast mode back:



    Simple yet cool. :thumb 

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