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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Asquian, Feb 3, 2006.

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    Nov 13, 2004
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    looking to trade right now, primarily. will buy if part/figure needed is like $3 or under. figures don't need to be mint, just undamaged and not terribly loose.

    Scattershot: vehicle gun x2, Head, Footplate, Fist L/R, Gun
    Strafe: Handgun, vehicle gun
    Lightspeed: Handgun
    Nosecone: Figure complete

    hot SPot: Figure, Fist L/R, Foot Plate L, Chest Shield R/L, Waist shield, Gun x1
    First Aid: Handgun
    Streetwise: Figure complete
    Blades: Figure

    Motormaster: Foot Plate L, Head, Chest Car, Gun.

    Hook: Green Gun
    Long Haul: Green Shield
    Scavenger: Launcher
    Scrapper: Handgun
    Mixmaster: Handgun

    Superion: Waistplate, Fist L/R, Foot Plate L
    Skydive: Handgun

    I do need other G1/G2/euro accys, so feel free to PM me your haves list if you see anything you want but don't have what's listed.

    My haves as of current:
    Mini Seaspray
    Groundshaker Large Cannon
    Greasepit Base Missile Turret
    Greasepit Base Monster Truck A
    Greasepit Base Monster Truck B
    Greasepit Base Monster Truck C
    Greasepit Base Monster Truck D
    Ironworks Base Semi Cab
    Transport Erector Cab A
    Transport Erector Cab B
    Transport Overload Cab A
    Transport Overload Cab B
    Transport Flattop Jet A
    Transport Flattop Jet B
    Air Strike Patrol Stormcloud A
    Air Strike Patrol Stormcloud B
    Air Strike Patrol Nightflight
    Battle Squad Complete
    Construction Patrol Takedown
    Astro Squad Moonrock
    Constructor Squad Excavator
    Off Road Patrol Tote
    Off Road Patrol Highjump
    Race Car Patrol Freewheeler
    Race Car Patrol Roadhandler
    Race Car Patrol Tailspin
    Race Car Patrol Swindler A
    Race Car Patrol Swindler B
    Rescue Patrol Stakeout
    Dinobot Sludge launcher
    Buzzsaw Cassette: Decent shape, no head.
    Devastator R Fist
    Devastator large gun
    Predaking Headstrong Gun
    Bruticus Chest Plate
    Aerialbot Fireflight Gun
    Aerialbot Skydive A
    Aerialbot Skydive B
    Scavenger: loose legs
    Constructicon Hook Laser Pistol
    G2 Bonecrusher Handgun A
    G2 Bonecrusher Handgun B
    G2 Drench Gun
    Action Master Kickoff Turbo Pack
    Beast Wars B'Boom instruction pack
    Beast Machines Buzzsaw instructions
    G1 Kup: plastic tires version, 1 fist is TM Kup's.
    G1 Omega Supreme Track J
    G1 Omega Supreme Track K
    G1 Omega Supreme Track L
    G1 Omega Supreme Track M
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    Nov 13, 2002
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    i can get you a knockoff streetwise and blades as placeholders if you'd like. best i can do, sorry.