By Generation: Generations Wheeljack: Arm and Waist Modifications

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    I wanted to do this modification once I saw mx-01 archon's arm modification thread here:

    I liked what I saw and he did a great job with it, but after studying the insides of Tracks and Wheeljack and seeing how the parts moved and connected, I realized it could be done easier and without the need for any sort of sculpting/filling material or even glue. Just a couple of simple cuts and it's ready to go. It literally took all of about 5 minutes, if that.

    Tools Needed:

    Hobby Knife/X-Acto Knife
    Jewelers Screwdriver set

    Other Useful Links:

    Link to my other Wheeljack Tutorial: Generations Wheeljack: Height and Leg Modifications

    Link to my Tracks WIP thread (which shows the waist mod):


    * * * * *

    For those interested in sliding Wheeljack's arms in while keeping the chest in place, this helps the shoulders look less wide and helps the wheels not stick out as far. This is pretty much a cosmetic modification, but this also allows you to pull the arms back out and put them in their original position.

    1) Using a small phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the screws in his back.

    2) You will see the track that the arms slide in and out on. This track will help hold the arms in place once we cut the small areas out to allow this arm mod to work.

    3) Take the front half of the chest and look at the inside. You will see the upside down "V" shaped gray piece that he arm pegs slide into. This is the automorph feature that allows the head and chest to pop up into place when the arms are pulled out.

    4) In the pictures below, note that the bottom of the gray piece has been cut in two small areas on the insides. These areas need to be cut just enough to allow those arm pegs to fit through the cut openings. This can be cut with your hobby knife (be patient and do small, careful cuts).

    5) Once you have the areas cut out, simply replace the arms on the back half of the chest piece, push them all the way in (like they would be when transformed into alt mode), pop the front half of the chest onto it, and screw the chest back together. This is tricky due to Wheeljack's head and "ears" that want to get in the way. Again, be patient and don't force anything.

    6) Now that you have the chest screwed together again, pull the arms out like you would during his normal transformation. The head and chest should come up like usual and his arms should be full extended out to the sides.

    7) Now, grabbing both arms, push inward to slide the arms back into the chest some. The arms will slide easily and stay on the tracks you saw earlier. The small areas you cut out on the gray piece inside the chest, now allow the arm pegs to slide into those openings and allow the arms to slide on the tracks into the chest. This helps Wheeljack to have a less wide-shouldered look and helps him look more lean and not as wide and bulky. This can also be done with Tracks.

    Now, if you guys want to do the waist modification, it's been laid out in my previous Tracks thread, and I mentioned it in my leg modification thread for Wheeljack a couple of days back. If anyone runs into any questions or need some help with this, hit me up through PM and I'll be glad to help out. The attached pictures should be self explanatory after reading this:






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