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    The feats of many warriors have been written about in epic tales of battlefield heroism. Sky-Byte might be the only one who writes his own. Vanquishing his Autobot enemies not only gives him a hard-fought victory, but a chance to wax poetic about it:

    Victory is mine
    The Predacon shark has won
    You Autobot scum!

    Strength: 7
    Intelligence: 10
    Speed: 8
    Endurance: 8
    Rank: 7
    Courage: 8
    Firepower: 7
    Skill: 10


    Ask this Autobot who his greatest enemy is and he won’t name a Decepticon. He’ll say it’s boredom. To him, there’s simply nothing more entertaining than turning a few Decepticons into a smoldering pile of scrap-and he never misses a chance to pursue his favorite pastime. Few Autobots are more eager to hurl themselves into combat, and fewer still have accomplished more on the field of battle.

    Strength: 8
    Intelligence: 7
    Speed: 8
    Endurance: 8
    Rank: 6
    Courage: 10
    Firepower: 9
    Skill: 7


    A genius scientist and diabolical inventor, Brainstorm develops advanced weaponry for the Autobots. Although many of his inventions are deemed too devastating to use in actual combat, it's possible his laboratory itself is his most dangerous creation. Brainstorm frequently ignores proper safety protocols, and an unwary visitor to his lab runs a high risk of triggering some half-finished doomsday weapon. In spite of this, he is allowed to continue his work, proof of just how valuable Brainstorm is to the Autobot cause.

    Strength: 8
    Intelligence: 10
    Speed: 7
    Endurance: 6
    Rank: 8
    Courage: 7
    Firepower: 7
    Skill: 10