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    Okay . . . [I did] the wing hinge mod to mine, and post[ed] pictures here since there are obviously some problems for some people.

    Pre mod shot, to show the joint in question. The red circle shows the wing joint (you can get to this joint simply by pulling the wing off, literally just pull) that's used to allow the wing to flip up for robot mode. The green circle highlights the sharp corner (note, the other side is rounded). It's this corner that we need to round down, so it matches the other side.


    Post Mod shot, again, red circle is the joint we're modding. The green circle this time shows where there used to be a sharp corner, but now we've rounded it off. This lets the wing transform differently, more like G1 i believe.


    Comparison shot up, on our right is the modded wing, the left is the original untouched wing. It should be noted that you can achieve the new transformation without modding the joint, but you'd have to pull the wing off and reattach it each time.


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