Generations Selects Kraken & Lobclaw

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by ZYXD, Apr 10, 2020.

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    Aug 16, 2016
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    Two months after getting my hands on Turtler and Gulf and waiting for who knows how long for the other two to escape Hong Kong Post's shipping limbo, I'm looking to complete the King Poseidon set with TT-GS02 Kraken (Seawing) and TT-GS06 Lobclaw (Nautilator).

    I have a number of rare imports available to trade with: BUMP OF CHICKEN SonicBlue Bumblebee, Million Publishing Goshooter, MP-36 Megatron, LG39 Brainstorm, and TG Bruticus to name a few. PM me if you're interested in doing business.