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    Hi there!

    Well, I love Dirge but didn't like the wings spliting. There was too much of a gap between the top and bottom wings. So, I have joined them both together to give him more of a G1 look:


    [Here's] what I did:

    I found it easier to do this in jet mode, [and] I will tell why [later]. First, arch the rear wings up and pop off the upper wings. On the upper wings, I removed the tabs that join them to the body using a hobby knife (green). Then I glued the top of the wings to the bottom wings (pink). Hold the two pieces together until the glue has bonded enough to join the wings together. Then put the wings back into place on the jet. Doing it this way holds the wings in place really well while the glue hardens. That is all you have to do to get a G1 look to him:


    When transforming Dirge, it is better to arch the wings up. If you don't, there is a danger of knocking the top section off again when doing the legs:


    This modification does not affect the alt mode in any way:


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