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    (Special thanks to TFW member Demonss for the video tutorial! His video documents this tutorial as well as another Blitzwing tutorial we have previously resourced here. ~Superquad7)

    Ok, I received my Blitzwing with only one arm that didn't lock in right. The shoulder issues appear to be universal with this mold, with most not being able to lock in on either side.

    The tutorial will guide you through a simple process of sanding that will fix this toy permanently. Both shoulders secure in place with a nice click when done. They lock as designed and don't move unless you want them to. This change also does not affect either alt mode negatively.

    The problem is that there is too much plastic in between torso halves from the factory. The extra plastic does not allow the two "U" shaped clips to get the designed friction on the chest peg, or in some cases reach the chest peg at all. The steps below will walk you through reducing the amount of plastic so that the "U" clips can function as designed.


    1) An emery board, or sandpaper with a block.
    2) Small Phillips.


    1) Transform Blitzwing into robot mode. Make note of the front and back, so when you put it back together there's no questioning "where to face the nose" or anything. Take pictures if you need to. Also note down which "U" clip is worse, left or right.

    2) Unscrew the large Philips screw behind the legs in his backside. The remove the four screws that hold the torso together. You'll need to swivel the turret around to access all four.

    3) Carefully pull apart. This will leave you with four pieces: legs (keep em together), the turret/torso/arms, half a torso, and the jet nose/head. You will only touch both torso sides.

    4) Get your emery board or sanding block and file down the worse side identified in step 1 above a little bit. You're just trying to take a little bit off to even out both sides.

    5) Take your sanding block or emery board and sand down the torso per the images below. Please note, THIS MUST BE DONE ON EVEN PLANES!! What I mean by "even planes" is that you need to do the both sides equally. For example, you need to be sanding the left shoulder screw hole and the right shoulder screw hole at the same time. Same thing for the left and right edges of the torso pieces. Using a flat tool like an emery board or sanding block will ensure this happens.

    6) You will need to repeat the step above for the shoulder screw holes, the lower screw holes, and the sides of both halves of the torso.



    7) Go slowly and check your progress frequently by putting Blitzwing back together (sans screws). You'll want to check whether or not the "U" tabs click into the corresponding pegs nicely, and you'll also want to make sure the sides of his torso line up without gaps.

    Once done, both sides click into place just like on Peaughs video!

    I've also posted a video below detailing the fix:

    Transformers Generations 30th BLITZWING ARM FIX!!! - YouTube

    The original discussion thread for this fix can be found here:

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