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    (Special thanks to TFW member Demonss for the video tutorial! His video documents this tutorial as well as another Blitzwing tutorial we have previously resourced here. ~Superquad7)

    Generations Blitzwing: I have been waiting for a remake of this figure for over 25 years. So I was very excited to see it finally come out and very disappointed at Hasbro's lack of quality control on this figure. I should not have to buy a figure for over $30 now for what used to be $20 only to have to take it apart and "fix it" to make it the way it should have been out of the box!

    With that being said and my rant over, let’s get to what this thread is about.

    Things just needed to be done to make this a GREAT figure.

    Please do this at your own risk. It worked for me and I have done this on other Transformers, but you need to use caution.

    First off you know about the arm fix. If not you can find that here: Generations Blitzwing Shoulder Fix

    It's a very good fix for tightening the arms. While you are doing this and have the figure in pieces, here is another fix you can do.

    The Head Spring Fix

    The head has a spring in it that pops it back up when in bot mode from jet mode. The problem with that part is it puts too much pressure on the rubber cone so the cone does not stay in place. If you are having this problem here is the fix.

    While you have this part out because you are fixing the arms:


    Undo the screw that holes the two pieces together. Then, pry the two pieces apart but only at the bottom. You will see the spring in there from that point:


    From there just pull the spring out and toss it. Screw it all back together and you are done!


    Leg Fix

    This one is easy but needs to be supervised. If the leg on your Blitzwing are super loose in bot mod there is a pin that holds in the rotation on that parts:


    You will want to put just enough super glue around the edge of the pin as shown. You will need to rotate it several times to get the glue inside and between the pin and plastic. Let it stand for a minute and then rotate again. Keep doing this on each leg until the super glue dries completely. If you forget to do this is will glue itself in one position. If this happens then gently twist the leg a little at a time back and forth until you hear the glue hold snap. The leg at this point will be very tight. Keep rotating it some more to loosen it up again.

    Rotating Face Fix

    Another major issue with this figure is also the awesome adaption to this figure: the three personality faces for the animated series. I love that part! However the faces are rubber and the head is painted and the two together just don't mix well.

    You will need to pop the head off your figure and take it apart to fix this.

    Start with undoing the screw on one side and taking that plate off:


    Now if you can rotate the faces a little bit you will need to remove one at a time - outside, middle and inside.

    The first face will be the robot face:


    Next will be his normal face:


    And last the electric face. This face you may need something to push it around to the front:


    When you have removed all the faces you will now take the plate off the other side:


    This plate you will see lots of paint on and around the peg that holds the faces. You will need to scrape that off.


    Next sand off the paint on the other plate with a nail file:


    Now, look at the main head and scrape off any thing were you see rubbing:


    Re assemble and put your head back on:


    I hope some of you find this helpful.

    It has a couple tabs in there that click in place when you pull the head up.


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