Generation Zero

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    Parts 1-4

    4 Million Years Ago....

    Jazz drove fast, shooting through the enclosed streets as Thundercracker and Skywarp chased after him. The mission had gone off without a hitch until Skywarp teleported over the area Jazz had been scouring. Still, try as the two seekers might, neither could tag him, Jazz was just too fast and they knew it. Within a few moments Jazz zipped into an underground roadway, the last of their laser blasts striking the entrance and collapsing it behind him.

    "We'll never catch him down there," Skywarp said, "Megatron won't be pleased."

    "I won't tell him if you won't." Thundercracker replied.

    Both Decepticons knew that if Megatron found out Jazz had managed to gain the device from the satellite and they had let him get away they'd end up in the smelting pools.

    ~Thundercracker, Skywarp, report to Tyrest immediately.~ Both of them got over their comm channels.

    "Starscream certainly has become more bossy than normal lately." Skywarp commented as the two flew off to Tyrest.

    Thundercracker didn't reply but his silence was agreement enough for Skywarp. Ever since Starscream had gained the position of second-in-command over Shockwave, he had been a nightmare to deal with.

    Iacon: Hub Capital

    Jazz arrived in Iacon in record time and reached the construction site of the Ark quickly. As he approached Trailbreaker and Hound stepped out from their positions and lowered their weapons. Even though Iacon was under direct Autobot control, Decepticon infiltration had become more and more frequent.

    "How did your mission go?" Hound asked as Jazz stopped, still remaining in vehicle mode.

    "Perfect man, just perfect." Jazz replied.

    Hound smiled, knowing Optimus would be happy to see Jazz return with the sensor he had sent him for. The Ark would need it if Optimus' plan was to work. He also knew how upset Megatron would be at losing it.

    Jazz zoomed up to Headquarters and transformed, walking into the command center. Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Elita-1, and Prowl stood there with a display of Iacon and the other areas of northern Cybertron up on it. Jazz walked over to them and passed the sensor to Optimus.

    "Here ya go Prime." Jazz said as he handed the device to his leader.

    "Good work Jazz," Prime replied as he took the device and looked it over. He then turned to Prowl. "Prowl, take this down to Perceptor and Wheeljack, they are preparing the final touches on the Ark's sensor systems, they'll need this to do so."

    Prowl nodded, took the device and headed out the door.

    "How's the plan coming?" Jazz asked.

    "Everything seems to be going well. Hoist and Grapple tell me their team has finished the outer hull and the majority of the inside. Once Wheeljack and Perceptor finish the sensors the main parts will be completed. I want you Prowl, Ironhide, and Red Alert to complete the weapons and security systems." Prime replied.

    Jazz nodded. "You got it." He replied.

    Ultra Magnus shut down the monitor map and looked to Prime. "I'm going to see how things are doing with Alpha Trion, I'll be back shortly." He said as he stepped toward the door.

    "Wait, I'll come with you, I need to see him myself." Elita-1 spoke up.

    The two left and Jazz turned to Prime.

    "Have you told them yet?" He asked.

    "No, but I will." Prime replied. "I will."


    The site of the auxiliary orbital processors and magnetic field dampeners...

    Starscream stood outside the auxiliary orbital processor station with Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet. Thundercracker and Skywarp were still enroute to meet them. He turned to Dirge and Thrust and motioned to the door.

    "It isn't going to open itself." He remarked.

    Dirge and Thrust looked to each other, then to Starscream, then to the door and walked over to open it.

    Ramjet leaned over to Starscream and whispered. "What about the possibility of the Autobots booby trapping the do-." He began, almost finishing the statement as Thrust and Dirge were blown back by the explosion.

    Starscream said nothing and stepped inside as Dirge and Thrust tried to pick themselves up off the ground. Inside was exactly as Megatron had predicted, the Autobots had left the control room exactly as he had suspected. As he walked inside he heard the sound of jet engines and the familiar sound of two transforming sounds. Thundercracker and Skywarp must have arrived. Starscream turned around and faced the door.

    "Would you buffoons get in here!" He demanded.

    A moment later the other five seekers stepped inside, Thrust and Dirge still sporting the scorch marks on their hides from the explosion.

    "Well, it certainly took you both long enough. I want this place searched thoroughly; Megatron will be upset if we do not find the equipment the Autobots left behind." Starscream commanded.

    The others fanned out in a search formation, giving the place a good going over. They looked everywhere, overturning everything they came across. As much as they were displeased being assigned to Starscream's command, they knew he was right about how upset Megatron would be. Something in his voice lately had said that failure was something he was having trouble accepting lately. Not that it made much of a difference; the Autobots were on the verge of extinction, regardless of how valiantly they battled to survive.

    Starscream searched the computer logs and soon realized what they were looking for was not here. He kicked the console and then blasted it. The other seekers looked over, surprised.

    "It isn't here." Starscream said. "Return to base, Soundwave's information was faulty."

    The others didn't argue they just did as Starscream ordered and left.

    Alpha Trion's Base: Iacon

    Ultra Magnus and Elita-1 arrived outside Alpha Trion's base and transformed. The two warriors walked inside and looked around. The place was a mess as always and Alpha Trion was nowhere to be seen.

    "He's not here." Ultra Magnus said.

    "You say that like you're surprised." Elita-1 replied.

    "Well, I am, I thought prime said he'd be here." Magnus answered.

    "He said if we're lucky he'll be here." Elita-1 corrected.

    Magnus sighed and walked to a chair, sitting down. "I think it's time we waited for him."

    Elita-1 nodded and took a seat as well, the information she and Ultra Magnus had for Alpha Trion was important. He would need to give Optimus a response before everything was finalized.

    Decepticon Headquarters: Kaon

    Starscream and the other seekers returned to Headquarters in disappointment. They were unable to locate the information Megatron was seeking from the auxiliary orbital processors. Megatron wouldn’t be pleased, but this time the failure wasn’t on Starscream’s head, he had after all followed Megatron’s orders explicitly. As the group of seekers entered into the command center Shockwave and Soundwave turned around to face them.

    Starscream raised his Null-ray and fired, hitting Soundwave square in the chest.

    “You stupid idiot!” Starscream stammered. “You gave me faulty information on purpose.”

    Shockwave raised his weapon and trained it on Starscream. Starscream glared back at him.

    “If you know what’s good for you Shockwave you’ll lower that weapon.” He warned. The other five seekers stood behind Starscream and raised their weapons, training them on Shockwave and Soundwave as well.

    Shockwave lowered his weapon as Soundwave stood up.

    “That’s the most logical thing you’ve ever done Shockwave.” Starscream stated. “I won’t be taking the rap for this failure, you two are to blame and you did this on purpose, knowing Megatron would try to blame me first. Well not this time. This time, you two will be the ones to suffer Megatron’s wrath, not us.”

    “For once Starscream, you aren’t a complete idiot.”

    The group of Decepticons turned to see Megatron standing in the doorway. He was looking to Shockwave and Soundwave.

    “Are his accusations true? Did you lead Starscream’s team on a fool’s errand; wasting energon to look for something you knew wasn’t there just to have me displeased with him?” Megatron asked.

    The two Decepticons knew better then to lie; Megatron was adept at picking up on lies.

    “It might be the information we received was….. Inaccurate mighty Megatron.” Shockwave replied.

    Megatron glared at him. “Inaccurate?! INACCURATE! YOU IDIOTS!” He yelled swatting Shockwave aside. “There will be no more of these stupid antics anymore. Our energon supply is dangerously low and we cannot afford any more of this waste.”

    Starscream stepped forward. “Megatron, the Autobots ship is nearing completion, might I recommend we have the Constructicons speed up the construction of the Nemesis.” He suggested.

    Megatron sat down in his throne and smiled. “A good idea Starscream.” He replied then turned to Soundwave. “Soundwave, tell Scrapper to have the Nemesis construction stepped up, I want it completed before the Autobots complete this ‘Ark’ of theirs.”

    Soundwave nodded and left the command center.

    Alpha Trion’s Base: Iacon

    The door opened and Alpha Trion entered. The elderly Autobot had a grace few held after so many eons. Ultra Magnus and Elita-1 stood up as he entered.

    “Alpha Trion.” Elita-1 greeted.

    The elderly Autobot focused his optics on his two guests and a small smile crept across his face.

    “Greetings young ones, what can I do for you?” He asked.

    “Optimus has sent us to see how you made out with your trip to Nova Cronum?” Ultra Magnus replied.

    Alpha Trion walked to his desk and sat down. “Very well, the information I gathered should aid you on your journey. With luck it will lead you all to a source of energy we can use to end this conflict once and for all.” He said.

    “I certainly hope so this war is dragging us all down.” Elita-1 commented. “If the Ark’s mission is successful we won’t need to worry about Megatron anymore.”

    “Do not get your hopes up Elita-1,” Alpha Trion explained, “Megatron should never be under estimated, and he is the most cunning leader the Decepticons have had thus far.”

    Ultra Magnus nodded and motioned they should be getting back; Prime was expecting their report as soon as possible. Alpha Trion passed the information to Ultra Magnus and watched as the two Autobots left his base.

    Iacon: Hub Capital

    Optimus Prime and Jazz walked down to the Ark’s construction site just as Perceptor and Wheeljack stepped out from the inside of the ship. They saw their leader and walked over.

    “The sensor equipment is installed, we should be ready to launch in 20,000 Breems.” Wheeljack reported.

    “Excellent work Wheeljack, I take it Hoist and Grapple’s teams have almost completed the construction then?” Prime asked.

    “The outer hull and internal structures are finished and Wheeljack, Grapple, Hoist, Ratchet, and I will have the internal systems finished soon.” Perceptor reported.

    “Excellent, let me know when you’ve finished. Once you have I will be notifying everyone of the crew I will be taking.” Prime replied. He then turned to Jazz. “Complete the inspection and then come back to the command center, I still have to go over the details with you and Ultra Magnus and Elita-1 when they return.”

    “You got it Prime.” Jazz replied as he and Wheeljack and Perceptor headed inside the Ark.

    Optimus looked around at his gathered officers. In the briefing room stood Jazz, Prowl, Ironhide, Ultra Magnus, & Elita-1. Each had been a part of the Autobots for a long time, Prime trusted each one with his life, but he knew that it would be impossible for them all to go, someone would have to stay behind and ensure the safety of Cybertron.

    "Well Prime, we're all here." Ironhide said.

    "Yes, as you all are aware, over the last 2 vorns* I have had the Ark constructed. We all knew the importance of this mission and that it was imperative that it be completed." Optimus explained. "I have chosen the crew of the Ark and the task was not easy. As you are aware, I cannot take all of you, some of you need to remain behind to ensure the safety of Cybertron."

    Prime paused and turned around to the large monitor behind him. As he activated it a list of names appeared on it.

    "Jazz, Prowl, and Ironhide will accompany me on the Ark. I am entrusting Cybertron and Iacon to Ultra Magnus and Elita-1. Alpha Trion has told me he must remain as well. As you all know I originally planned to take him as well. Things have not followed that path." Prime explained.

    "But Optimus, I thought for sure you would be taking me." Elita-1 remarked.

    "I won't be gone long Elita, and you help our cause best by remaining here with Magnus." Prime explained.

    Elita-1 nodded in agreement, Prime was right, she knew that. It was the reason Alpha Trion had made him leader.

    The others looked at the list; some of Prime's most trusted warriors dotted the list, including a few surprises.

    "Jazz, Prowl, I want the two of you to go tell the others who I've selected." Prime ordered.

    Jazz and Prowl nodded and left the room to gather the crew of the Ark. They divided the list in half and split up.

    Jazz's list contained Wheeljack, Ratchet, Hound, Mirage, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Trailbreaker, and Bluestreak. Prowl's list contained Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Brawn, Huffer, Windcharger, Gears and Hauler.

    Inside the briefing room Ironhide, Ultra Magnus, Elita-1, and Optimus Prime continued to debate the fate of the mission of the Ark. The mission had been in the works since the Ark's conception. The Autobots knew there was just no way they would ever win against Megatron's forces without more Energon. The crew had been chosen several thousand Breems** ago and only Prime had known the exact crew he was taking.

    *Vorn = 83 Earth years
    **Breem = 8.3 Earth Minutes

    Decepticon Headquarters: Kaon

    Megatron's Optics gleamed at the sight of the Nemesis. He was impressed, it was the most powerful Decepticon ship ever constructed.

    "You've done well Scrapper." Megatron praised as he and Scrapper walked with Starscream and Shockwave during the inspection of the Nemesis.
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    Next Part will be up in a few days......
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    Part 5:

    “All for the glory of the Decepticons Mighty Megatron.” Scrapper replied.

    Megatron grinned and walked on, finishing the tour of the Nemesis with Starscream and Shockwave. The two Decepticons could easily see how pleased Megatron was with the Constructicon commander. It didn’t please either of them however, it seemed to bother Shockwave more than Starscream.

    After arriving back at the command center, Megatron was surprised to see Straxus standing there beside Soundwave. He had never liked Straxus, he was more power hungry than Starscream.

    “Soundwave, why did you let that pile of scrap in here?” Megatron demanded.

    Soundwave started to answer but Straxus cut him off before he even got started.

    “Now, now Megatron, we have the same goal, destruction of the Autobots. You should be more willing to hear me speak before throwing me out.” Straxus replied.

    “I have no interest in anything you have to say, now leave before you regret coming here.” Megatron said.

    Starscream and Shockwave both raised their weapons and took aim at Straxus. Straxus shook his head and walked out.

    “Next time he shows his ugly carcass here he is to be terminated. Is that clear?” Megatron ordered.

    The three Decepticons nodded.


    Inside the state of Kalis, near the location of the ancient energon storage pits and home of the primary ore processing facilities Star Saber flew quickly, tracking Sunstorm as the Decepticon raced quickly towards Kaon. Star Saber knew if Sunstorm had found any energon he would need to get close enough to scan him before reporting in to Optimus. Sunstorm was fast and catching him was going to almost impossible, within moments he was out of Scanning range and a few more, gone completely.

    Disappointed, Star Saber turned around and headed for the location Sunstorm had jetted out of. As he approached he could see there had been a battle here and it was obvious Sunstorm had won. Star Saber flew down and transformed, landing on his feet and walking towards the destroyed section where the battle had obviously taken place.

    As he approached he saw the remains of three Autobots, all of who were completely destroyed by Sunstorm. He stood there for a moment in silence before transforming and returning to Iacon.

    Iacon: Hub Capital

    Optimus stood on the stage of the Great Hall with Jazz, Elita-1, and Ultra Magnus as he read off the names of the Ark’s crew. The Autobots knew he had chosen each of them on the list for a reason.

    When he finished he started to bring up the rest of the plan the Autobots had designed.

    “Ultra Magnus will be taking a crew he has chosen with him and they will be exploring the galaxy in a similar manner to us. Sky Lynx has graciously allowed himself to be the transportation of choice for this.” Optimus Prime announced.

    Ultra Magnus stepped forward. “Kup, Hot Rod, Springer, Arcee, Blurr, Broadside, Hubcap, Outback, Pipes, Swerve, Tailgate, Steeljaw, Rewind, Eject, and Ramhorn. All of you will be coming with me as we conduct a search for energon sources.” He said.

    Optimus stepped forward again. “Ultra Magnus’s group will be known as Team Alpha. The next group will be assigned to Perceptor who will be commanding what is to be known as Team Beta. Team Beta will be transported via Omega Supreme.” He said, turning the stage to Perceptor as he stepped forward.

    “Team Beta will consist of the following members: Blaster, Tracks, Skids, Hoist, Grapple, Inferno, Red Alert, Beachcomber, Cosmos, Warpath, Powerglide, Seaspray, and Omega Supreme.” Perceptor said as he listed off his crew to assist him.

    After finishing, Prime stepped up yet again. “The rest of you will remain here under the command of Elita-1 and Alpha Trion until either I or Ultra Magnus return to assume command.” He said.

    There was some mumbling among the Autobots in the Great Hall, but they knew Optimus spoke with the wisdom of the ancient Autobots and the Matrix. His decision must be the correct one.

    When all was said and done, the Autobots returned to their duties while Prime and the other officers walked off.

    Decepticon Headquarters: Kaon

    The Decepticons finished their preparations several Breems before the Autobots were ready. Megatron had wanted to make sure that the Nemesis was ready to launch at a moments notice to chase down the Ark. The Nemesis, the most powerful Decepticon battle cruiser to have ever been designed and built was ready to do its job, shoot down the Ark, destroying not only some of the Autobots finest warriors but also destroying the indestructible Optimus Prime and destroying the accursed Matrix.

    Megatron handpicked the crew of the Nemesis himself. He had chosen several of his best warriors to go with him to ensure this would be done. Since the battle would be short, there would be no need to take the majority of his forces so his list was short, consisting of Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Reflector, Soundwave, Rumble, Ravage, Frenzy, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak and several other of Starscream’s seeker squadron. He had decided already he would leave Shockwave behind to guard Cybertron and Decepticon interests there.

    When Soundwave returned with news that the Autobots were breaking into several groups to locate sources of energon, Megatron realized he would need to do something similar to ensure that the Autobots did not succeed. He immediately assigned the Constructicons, Thrust, Dirge, Ramjet, and Blitzwing to the command of Astrotrain and informed them they would be the ones to track Omega Supreme and the Autobots he took with him. He then assigned the Predacons, Runamuck, Runabout, Slugfest, Overkill, and Ratbat to the command of Octane and ordered them to follow the group lead by Ultra Magnus.

    With those groups assigned he knew Shockwave would be left with more than enough troops to hold Cybertron and quell any Autobots Optimus Prime would leave behind.
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    Awesome stuff man! Your very good at characters communicating. Was a good read all the way through.