Gave TFSource another shot and I regret it...

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    The last time I shopped with TFSource was quite a while ago when their data was breached and my Credit Card information was stolen. It took me a long time to build up the trust and start shopping with them again. Fast forward to 2021, I placed an order this past Monday, 3/8, for an E-hobby black Megatron and was happy with how fast the order shipped out.

    When I got the package, I was happy to see the oversized box, the amount of void fill, and how Megatron was individually bubble wrapped to protect it...and then I opened the bubble wrap. Megatron himself and his sword were somehow misaligned in its clamshell packaging but the box was still sealed.

    I emailed TFSource's Customer Service right away and their Service Manager Rob responded saying that because its sealed, if I wanted an exchange, I would have to pay to return the item and pay for a replacement to be sent. Now I understand that they didn't package the toy. I can also understand paying for return shipping if I changed my mind but this isn't buyer's remorse nor am I quibbling about minor blemishes.

    What irks me about this whole situation is that someone picked this item in the warehouse, thought the condition it was in was acceptable, carefully packed the item, and sent it to me. Now I'm either stuck with this item (that I wanted to keep sealed and displayed), have to pay to send it back, or pay to send it back AND pay to get a replacement. Without opening it, I can't even verify if there is any damage to the toy and if I open it, then what would they do/say?

    Their website says how they are "collectors themselves" so how would this be acceptable to a collector? This tells me that as long as the box is sealed, they can send out whatever stock they have and you either have to deal with it, or pay more money out of pocket to get what you ordered.

    Thanks everyone for giving me the time and space to vent!

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    they dont care. ive been screwed by TFS too many times. welcome to the club. they literally dont care. they've made it, everyone knows their store, so they dont care because people will still buy from them. If this is the only place that sells this, and you really want it that bad, then maybe return it and get it replaced?