2D Artwork: Gamma V's Art Thread 2021

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    Well, another art thread got buried so deep that it might not be worth digging up, so here's my art thread for 2021. Before I do start posting my 2021 creations, I have quite the backlog of 2020 stuff to post.
    Bulkhead, I NEEDED That.png
    Here's TFP Ratchet in his natural state. "Bulkhead, I needed that!"

    TFP Knockout's admiring his finish, as usual.

    BW inferno.png
    Here's some BW Inferno love FOR THE ROYALTY!

    Transmetal Tarantulas.png
    Transmetal Tarantulas is probably concocting some elaborate scheme behind Megatron's back. Maybe it involves a bit of feasting if it succeeds.

    BW Silverbolt.png
    Whatever that vile spider's plans are, Silverbolt has no intention of allowing him to succeed. *heroic fanfare plays*

    G1 Blurr.png
    Has G1 Blurr ever smiled before?

    G1 Ironhide.png
    Ol' Ironhide's ready to bust some Decepti-Chops! "I just wanna kick some butt, Prime!"

    G1 Optimus Prime.png
    "Calm down, Ironhide."

    Galvatron Shooting.png
    What's Galvatron shooting at? Is it an Autobot or one of his own men?

    Light Our Darkest Hour.png

    Full-body Prime
    I probably didn't get the ion blaster perfect, but this is my first time drawing it.

    Perceptor With Emerald.png
    What would happen if Perceptor found himself in Sonic's world and discovered a Chaos Emerald? Well, his scientific curiosity would be aroused for sure.
    "Fascinating! This crystal is generating an incalculable quantity of esoteric energy."
    This was inspired by a picture I saw on Twitter of Wheeljack holding a Chaos Emerald.

    "Ravage, eject! Operation: Forum post!"

    I wonder who ol' Screamy's shooting in the back here.

    That's all for this post!
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    I still have more from last year to post. Armada Smokescreen.png
    Here's Armada Smokescreen long before his encounter with the Requiem Blaster.

    Armada Starscream.png
    Armada Starscream

    Cybertron Landmine.png
    Landmine is one of my favorite characters in Cybertron. I honestly want to see a new incarnation based on him being the Big Guy of the Autobots again.

    Vector Prime.png
    Vector Prime was another character I liked in Cybertron. I'm hoping to get his figure someday, but it's only getting more and more expensive.

    Farewell, Vector Prime.png
    Farewell, Vector Prime

    Here's Beamer, one of the Wendy's GoBots. I took some liberties with him, mostly in the face. I like to envision him as being a little like Sunstreaker in that he's a bit on the narcissistic side. Any Renegade who scratches his paint had better watch out!

    This was a fanfic series I was working on late last year, but it ended up dying because the lack of feedback killed my motivation to work on it. Before that happened, though, I did quite a bit of art for it.

    Alpha Traanus.png
    This is Alpha Traanus, formerly known as Teletraan Alpha. In his past life, he was the central computer at the Hall of Records and the progenitor of the Teletraan-Class AI system. Said system allowed him to evolve over time and eventually discover patterns in historical records that allowed him to predict future events fairly accurately. This comes to a head when he's instructed to expunge electoral records from the City-State of Kaon in order to rig the Primal Election in favor of the corrupt incumbent Zeta Prime. He not only predicted that doing so would be disastrous for society, but deemed it to be morally wrong, having learned of morality from bots like Orion Pax and Alpha Trion. Zeta Prime subsequently orders his AI to be wiped and reset, which would be akin to an execution. Fortunately, he copies himself into the body of a maintenance drone. Unfortunately, he can never venture outside the Hall of Records and must keep his existence a secret. Only Orion Pax, Alpha Trion, and a bot named Cogitus Ambus know of him.

    Lifeline began her "life" as Ratchet's personal Medical Diagnostic Drone, helping him in his efforts to find a cure for the Red Rust Plague sweeping across Cybertron and its colonies. She evolves in a similar manner to Teletraan Alpha and is given a proper bot body. Seeing Ratchet work himself to exhaustion motivates her to do her own research, but she finds herself stymied by her status as a drone. This leads her to the growing civil rights movement dedicated to beings like her, which are known as Synths. This, unfortunately, seals her doom as she joins the movement after Megatron hijacks it and uses a fake rally to round up several Synths for a mass wipe and reprogramming. Ratchet would cope by distancing himself from Synths, dismissing them as mere machines in order to avoid forming bonds like the one he formed with Lifeline.

    My Prime Closeup.png My Optimus Prime.png My Prime - No Mask.png
    Here's Optimus Prime. He's pretty much a typical Optimus type, being noble, compassionate and fatherly. He even follows the "removable mask" trend started in Cybertron and codified in the live-action movies.

    Family Dollar Bumblebee.png
    Bumblebee acts as the scout for Team Prime and is probably closest in personality to his G1 self. His design is based on an actual toy in my collection.

    Chronicle Ironhide.png
    Here's Ironhide. Like Bumblebee, his draws most of his inspiration from G1, even having a similar Texas accent. His alt mode is a 1998 Chevy Blazer. This is because the Earth campaign of the Great War starts in 1998 in this 'verse, and I like the idea of Ironhide turning into an SUV.

    Jazz acts as the Autobots Number Two and communications officer. The MR decals on his door wings are actually copied from the vehicle he scans for his alt, which is a custom sports car belonging to rapper Masta Renegade. Yes, Jazz takes a liking to the guy's music after the Autobots' human allies introduce him to it.

    sketch-1607019471350.png sketch-1607088039106.png
    Here's Megatron, whose design is inspired by a few different Megatron designs of the past, such as Armada, Beast Wars, G1, and the High Moon Cybertron games.

    Fracture is one of the main Decepticons, and yes, she's pretty much Crasher from Challenge of the GoBots. I actually wanted to have a Decepticon cast that had representatives from most "main" Transformers series. Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream would be a sort of "evergreen trio," since most contemporary versions of the Decepticons have versions of them within their ranks. The other Decepticons would be:
    * Demolishor (Unicron Trilogy)
    Like Megatron, he would've been a low-class miner from Kaon. He joined Megatron out of admiration for his gladiatorial feats and because he agreed with the notion of bringing down the corrupt Cybertronian government. He would gradually become more and more conflicted in his loyalty as Megatron strays further and further from his purported goals. He doesn't just defect, though, as he associates the Autobots, at some level, with what he originally sought to bring down. This could've likely ended with him either sacrificing himself to stop a plot that would wipe out humanity or ending up just being executed in a similar fashion to Dreadwing in Prime.
    * Barricade (Bayverse)
    He would pretty much be a typical thuggish brute with more brawn than brains who would likely form a "Those Two Bad Guys" duo with Fracture.
    * Lugnut (Animated)
    I'm not sure what I would've done with him and actually never had him in any stories.
    * Knockout (Prime)
    He'd pretty much be a carbon copy of his Prime self. He featured pretty heavily in one of the first stories I wrote, and I always hear Daran Norris' voice when I read back over his lines.

    Dashlane Full-Body.png
    Dashlane is an Autobot who joins up with Team Prime after he's rescued from US government custody. He first comes to Earth aboard a refurbished Cybertronian transport ship known as the Courageous Spark. Said ship crashes on Earth in 1963, breaking up and scattering its crew across the planet. He ends up crashing outside of Las Vegas, where he's discovered by US Army Private Morales. He roams the US for a while in search of either his crewmates or the Ark, sparking urban legends about a "Phantom Thunderbird." Eventually, he runs so low on Energon that he goes into emergency stasis, allowing the US government to take him in for study. Their findings, along with tech salvaged from the wreck of his ship, allow them to launch Project Skybolt, just as the war between the Autobots and Decepticons officially spills over onto Earth.

    Snakeskin.png Tigertrack.png
    Snakeskin and Tigertrack are two of Dashlane's Courageous Spark crewmates. Their designs are based on a pair of off-brand/knockoff transforming trucks I stumbled across on eBay. Snakeskin is a sniper with a penchant for snark, while Tigertrack is a boisterous bot with a machine gun that he fires a bit wildly in battle. Both tease each other quite a bit, but ultimately care about each other. This isn't hurt by them being Split-Spark Twins.

    Vespa Full-Body.png
    Vespa is the engineer of the Courageous Spark and was good friends with Wheeljack even before the war began. In terms of design and skill set, she's pretty much a female Scooter, but a bit braver and, hopefully, much less likely to be hated.

    Teletraan X.png
    This is Teletraan X, an embodied Teletraan designed to study Synth development. He was Vespa's magnum opus before the war, but he didn't get much time to grow before an attack on the Hall of Science would force him to sacrifice himself to save his creator. Fortunately, his CPU is salvaged, allowing him to "live" again. Unfortunately, Vespa is forced to use him as the Courageous Spark's navigation AI.

    Vespa Mourns.png
    Here's Vespa again, in a "scene" from one of the stories. Here, the Courageous Spark is hurtling towards Earth after taking damage from a Decepticon drone's suicide attack. Said attack left Snakeskin injured, Jetfire exhausted, and Teletraan X practically wiped.

    Windblade shows up when Jetfire crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, only to find himself inside the sleeping body of Metroplex.

    Smiling Skybolt.png She Was Real to Me.png Angry Skybolt.png
    Here's Skybolt showing the emotions he develops as he evolves. When he smiles, it lights up his face, but do not speak ill of anyone he considers a friend, and definitely don't kill someone close to him. Ratchet got quite the outburst from him when he spoke dismissively about Pathfinder after Megatron blasted her head to slag. Megatron, meanwhile, would see the bottom face after killing Dashlane.

    Pathfinder - Robot.png Pathfinder - Vehicle.png Pathfinder Smile.png
    Here's Pathfinder, the star of the one Chronicles installment I posted on this forum.

    Starscream Face.png
    Starscream will be the final pic for this post.
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    Some really interesting stuff here!
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    @ThunderDestron Thanks.

    Just a few more from last year...

    Authentics Megatron.png
    This is based on a figure in my collection. Yeah, I "stoop" to that level. I don't have a whole lot of disposable income for Transformers, so Authentics are a nice option in some cases. I bought the Bravo Megatron because he was one of the best of the bunch, and got Optimus to go with him so I could have a Prime and Megatron that would scale with each other.

    Decepticon SCP-079.png
    This came from what was supposed to be a Transformers Prime RP before my partner derailed it with Miko doing things like throwing balloons full of (hopefully) fake blood at people and being revealed to be a half-demon escaped SCP. I decided to roll with it and have 079 become a Decepticon.

    He doesn't have an actual name. He's my favorite of a set of 4 generic/KO "insecticons" I got for Christmas back in 2005 from a family friend.

    Here's an obscure bot! It's based on an actual Transformer from Generation 2's Go-Bots sub-line. I did take some liberties, like adding those decals on the sides of his chest/car mode hood. I also gave him actual headlights on the chest loosely based on those of an actual 1995 Lamborghini Diablo. I think the decals differentiate him a little more from Sideswipe, whose Go-Bot version is actually based on the same mold as Firecracker.

    Starshot - Full Body.png Starshot.png Wrong!  Wrong!.png
    This girl was created for another Discord DM RP, where she served as a MacGuffin/Damsel in Distress. She's one of many Starshot drones created during the Age of Expansion to seek out new colony planets in deep space. Once she found a suitable planet, she'd contact Cybertron to get authorization to Cyberform it with a module deployed from inside her. When this particular unit is discovered on Earth, Megatron naturally decides to try to get it to Cyberform Earth. Unfortunately, he runs into a bit of a hitch. Starshot's programming forbids her from Cyberforming an inhabited planet. Megatron tries getting around it using increasingly aggressive tactics. All the while, Starshot's AI is starting to evolve due to being online for so long without a wipe. The traumatic experience of being in Decepticon captivity, with Megatron becoming increasingly willing to just strip her down for her Cyberforming module, causes her to have a mental breakdown that threatened to fry her brain circuits. Sadly, that RP never reached a conclusion, as the guy I was doing it with flaked out when it seemed too much like a budding love story between Starshot and Skybolt.

    NOW we can get to the stuff I actually did THIS year.

    This was done after watching perhaps a little too much Challenge of the GoBots.

    G1 Megatron Headshot.png G1 Optimus Prime Headshot.png
    These pixel headshots of G1 Megatron and Optimus have actually been turned into emojis on a couple Discord servers I'm on.

    Teletraan's Avatar.png
    This is from another short-lived Discord RP where the Autobots crash outside a city in 1971. Teletraan investigates the planet first, only to encounter humans and start evolving.

    Teeny headshot of Pathfinder

    This pic of G1 Megs was done in a program called YY-CHR, which is used to edit graphics in retro video game ROM images. It uses one of the palettes from Super Mario World.

    WindbladeCHR.png TFPArceeCHR.png SentinelPrimeCHR.png
    These three pixels were made in the same program under similar color limitations.
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