Minor/Repaint: galvatron, yes i made 1 too (who hasn't now?)

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by ichnach, Sep 7, 2011.

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    First of all, credit goes to the folks before me who came up with this mod. This is my take on the War for Cybertron megatron to Galvatron conversion. Used the head crest from classics galvatron and the cannon barrel too. Haven't seen anyone else mod the cannon like that yet and have no idea why since it is so damn easy. It fit right into the Megatron cannnon easily. The HARD part was putting the wiring into the cannon for the LED. I made it light up rather well, using the old missile launching button and an embedded push switch. The batteries are all contained in the cannon and are easily replaceable. I used an LED assembly from an over the ear book light I got at Dollar General and ripped it apart. Hollowing out the cannon to fit everything without making holes to the outside was a pain, but well worth the effort.

    The paint looks kind of sketchy in the pics but looks tons better in person. For some reason it looks blotchy in the pictures but nothing like that up close.
    I had to use my camera phone and the lighting in here is horrid. Severed my achilles' tendon this week so it's hard to move around much to hunt my good camera.

    I am still needing to paint the feet, but the rest is finished. Sanded the rub points (the hips are a particular pain in the butt), and this thing has a TON of them.I used all Games Workshop acrylics, lich purple, fortress grey, and a slightly modified fiery orange. Clear coated the entire thing in Future polish afterward. Alt mode is the same as everyone else's but the paint could still cure a few more days before I transform him. Comments and criticisms welcome.

    **edit added another pic of the cannon lit up, it doesn't lose the orange color, the other pic i posted was a bad angle.

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    Criticism? Are you kidding?! Great work, dude!! :thumbs2: :bay 
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    it lights up a little TOO well... i'd like to see you not lose the orange when it lights up. Other than that, a fantastic job.
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    I like what you did here. I still have the barrel from Universe Galvatron, how did you mod the canon?