G2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines for sale!

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    Optimus Prime cab (no hands) w/trailer, voice box & roller, comes with one gun/cannon, two red missiles, two missiles for base drone. The upper half of both smokestacks are broken. $20
    Air Raid (aerialbot) missing gun and left arm $2
    Air Raid (cyberjet) w/one white missile $5
    Windbreaker, loose, missing engine/gun $4
    Constructicon Mixmaster w/ no accessories $3
    Constructicon Scavenger w/ small gun, Devastator right wrist & hand $5
    Constructicon Scrapper w/ Devastator chest plate $5
    Leadfoot w/ engine, but legs do not stay on due to a broken clip on the body, glueable $3
    Road Pig loose complete, electronic lights work, one arm and leg tend to fall off because plastic in worn and slightly cracked $4

    Jazz's silver gun and cannon for missiles $3
    Blast Off's R&L long cannons $2
    Limbs for G2 Laser Rod Jolt (the red car) $1
    Long yellow missile for Decepticon Cyberjet $1

    Beast Wars
    B'Boom MISB $20
    Silverbolt Fuzor #1 MOSC $18
    Silverbolt Fuzor #2 MOSC $18
    Transmetal 2 Cheetor MOSC $10
    Silverbolt Fuzor loose complete $10
    Transmetal Rattrap loose complete $10
    Wolfang loose complete $7
    Air Hammer loose complete (…I think… he didn't have weapons… did he?) $5
    Orcanoch, loose w/ Optimus Primal mini-figure, one blue mini crane, one long missile, all fins $10

    Beast Machines
    Ultra Size Jetstorm MISB $30
    Deluxe Size Jetstorm loose w/ two missiles $10
    Buzzsaw loose $3.50
    Scavenger loose $3.50
    McDonalds Cheetor $2

    PM or EMAIL with wants/offers...