G1's animation quality

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    Another thing to remember is that were still beter animated than a lot of the shows that came out in the 70's. The American animation industry as a whole had stagnated due to cheap outsourcing and strict FFC regulations. The 80's were actually the beginning of a better animation standard and that included shows like TF and G.I. Joe that began including things like camera pans and other types of shots that while very basic were a big step forward in terms of better animation stardards for your Saturday morning/weekday afterschool fare (the Rhino G.I. Joe DVDs had a nice special feature than mentioned some of this). So what we call bad animation today was actually fairly standard and somewhat revolutionary for it's time.

    It's all about context. BW for example was on the cutting edge of CGI for its time and pushed the boundaries of what a CGI show could do every week. But now 15 years later it's starting to look dated and pale in comparison to the stuff we're now getting on TFP which is again breaking new ground for a CGI show. For those of us that grew up watching G1, the animation was fine because we really had nothing better to compare it too, a product of its time. Which just really shows you how far the quality of animation has come in the last 25 years which is pretty cool when you think about it.

    Of course animation errors still suck no matter what decade their from. And I still think G1 had the best character designs of any TF show to date.