Minor/Repaint: G1 Stealth Devastator KO - Proof of Concept

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Napjr, Aug 11, 2016.

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    Some might remember this old KO, released about 15 years ago or so, with funky colors

    I think it was even available at stores like Big lots and such. I bought the giftset then, and it had a great quality for a KO, with chrome, diecast and such (but loose pieces, and tight tolerances, and molding differences respect the G1 version, but rather cheap

    Anyway, broke/used for parts mine... and eventually wanted another set just for nostalgia, and scored the carded set on ebay for a decent price i think...

    At the same time, i remember seeing a thread here of both Diaclone Devastators redone with the Junkion Blacksmith add on kit, i was able to find a great deal on this

    Well, everything connects just fine, except the chest plate because this Hook doesnt have the pegs for it... but no problem since i prefer the original piece

    Eventually im gonna remove the ugly stickers, perhaps use G1 reprolabels, and of course, repaint the add on set

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