G1 Soundwave, KO Cassettes, Joe and Voltron.

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    Looking to sell the following for 75 delivered in the US. Soundwave is in nice shape. His cassette deck does not pop open. The KO Cassettes are still in the package and the packaging has some damage. The MOBAT and Crimson HISS are from the Target set and there are 2 Alley Vipers, their packages are in very good shape. It's what you would expect if you found them on the shelves. The Voltron set was bought years ago (man I am old) at TRU. I can not find the sword. be sure to look over the Lions. I am not sure what is all supposed to be there. I would treat Voltron as "parts" even though he is in decent shape. If you have any question please ask. For reference my Ebay user name is chains. Thanks for looking. -Josh

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