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    Hi all. I'm getting a KO Soundwave and he has that ugly double-deck casette door. I already know from the ebay listing that he is 21cm tall and most closely looks like either the 2003 encore or 2007 (or was it '09) commerative version.

    What I am looking to do is remove/replace the double-deck door for a nice single-deck door. I can't afford to pay some $50+ USD (nevermind an extra $15+ shipping or the import duties) on a new or lightly used Hasbro or Takara one. So I was thinking that I have two main options:

    (1) buy a junker to get an intack single-deck door off of
    (2) measure up the KO's door and redesign it in a cad program so that I can get Shapeways to custom 3d print a single-deck door. (I know they offer transparent and translucent materials along with the usual cheap opaque stuff because I've done a few custom kreon type things before).

    I've read trough a few threads here on repairing/replacing deck on the old '84 Soundwave, and about how the two pins go in, but can't find any info on repairing later '03/07 (encore/commerative) versions.

    Doing up a single-deck door should be fairly easy. Its the work removing the existing double-deck door that will be trickier.

    If anyone has a link or has done this sort of work before, please post.

    I will update once my KO Soundwave arrives and as I start work.